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The modernist movement radically transformed the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century literary establishment, and its effects are still felt today. Modernism introduces and analyzes what amounted to nothing less than a literary and cultural revolution. In this fully updated and revised second edition, charting the movement in its global and local contexts, Peter Childs: details the origins of the modernist movement and the influence of thinkers such as Darwin, Marx, Freud, Nietzsche, Saussure and Einstein explores the radical changes which occurred in the literature, drama, art and film of the period traces 'modernism at work' in Anglophone literatures, especially in writings by a range of key figures including James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, Samuel Beckett, Nella Larsen, Gertrude Stein, Katherine Mansfield, T. S. Eliot, and many others reflects upon the shift from modernism to postmodernism. At once accessible and critically informed, Modernism guides readers from first steps in the field to an advanced understanding of one of the most important cultural movements of the last centuries.
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