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World of Digitals offers a great digital shopping experience with more than 3 million high-grade digital books from 30,000 international publishers in 30 languages - for direct download only.

World of Digitals is an exclusively digital bookstore. We absolutely do not offer paper books manufactured from and transported around the globe with precious natural resources.

Our sophisticated servers are located in Iceland, cooled with outdoor air and running on geothermal power - carbon neutral!

World of Digitals purely offers the 'greenest of all green products': ePUB-eBooks and PDF-eBooks for download to your notebook, smartphone, tablet or reader with Windows, Linux, Android or iOS - not for Amazon Kindle.

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Christian Wille & Astrid M. Fellner
Cover of Bordertextures
Vijay Prashad & John Bellamy Foster
Cover of Washington's New Cold War
Washington's New Cold War
Wolfgang R. Heuer
Cover of Cosmos and Republic
Cosmos and Republic
Wolfgang R. Heuer
Cover of Cosmos and Republic
Cosmos and Republic
Tal Adler & Sharon Macdonald
Cover of Artistic Provenance Research
Artistic Provenance Research
Olena Palko & Manuel Férez Gil
Cover of Ukraine's Many Faces
Ukraine's Many Faces
Joachim Michael & Sebastián Martínez Fernández
Cover of Entanglements Between Peace and Violence
Entanglements Between Peace and Violence