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Avigdor Hameiri 
Voyage into Savage Europe 
A Declining Civilization

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Cover of Avigdor Hameiri: Voyage into Savage Europe (ePUB)

From the translator of Avigdor Hameiri’s Hell on Earth, winner of the 2019 TLS-Risa Domb/Porjes Prize

In this unique memoir, now in English for the first time, Israel’s first Poet Laureate Avigdor Hameiri details a trip to Europe in 1930 from the perspective of a Hungarian Jew who had served in the Habsburg Army. Upon visiting Austria, Hungary, Romania (including parts of ceded Hungarian Transylvania), and Czechoslovakia (including his Carpatho-Ruthenian homeland), he sees Europe in flux on the brink of an unknown disaster. Austria and Hungary are full of youth whose philosophy is “eat, drink and be merry; tomorrow we die.” There is fear of Bolshevism from without, but the unfelt danger is German Fascism. Jews (especially in Hungary) are assimilated but cannot escape from their Jewishness: some are Zionists. Romania is corrupt and antisemitic. In Carpatho-Ruthenia, Hameiri has two premonitions warning him to return to Israel, a prediction of the destruction soon to befall Europe. Hameiri also gives accounts of the artistic and cultural scenes of 1930s Europe, as well as the world of Carpatho-Ruthenian Hasidism, which was soon to be destroyed by the Holocaust. From the growing danger and confusion surrounding inter-war Europe, in prose at once compassionate and bitingly sarcastic, comes a sweeping account of Jewish life in 1930 from one of Israel’s prolific writers.

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Table of Content



Translator’s Introduction


Publisher’s Introduction

Chapter 1. Drama

Chapter 2. A Scattering of Exiles

Chapter 3. A Telegram on Credit

Chapter 4. The Dawn of Europe

Chapter 5. The Viennese Smile

Chapter 6. The Eye and the Ear

Chapter 7. The Prisoner

Chapter 8. Our Two Faces

Chapter 9. With the Almighty’s Help

Chapter 10. The Dust of Criticism

Chapter 11. Sicarii

Chapter 12. Journey to Ruin

Chapter 13. Blonde is Beautiful

Chapter 14. The Costume Party

Chapter 15. A Hebrew Novel

Chapter 16. Frozen in Time

Chapter 17. The Baptists

Chapter 18. Mosaic

Chapter 19. My Two Souls

Chapter 20. The Living Scarecrow

Chapter 21. The Messiah’s Entreaty

Chapter 22. My Birthplace’s Agony

Chapter 23. The Holy Operetta

Chapter 24. The Canaanite Servant

Chapter 25. Spain the Healer

Chapter 26. Charoset

Chapter 27. The Legend of Alliance

Chapter 28. The Rear Echelon

Chapter 29. The Beacon of Light

Chapter 30. The Intoxicating Darkness

Chapter 31. Conscience

Chapter 32. Homeward Bound

About the author

Peter Appelbaum, Emeritus Professor of Pathology, spends his retirement writing and translating books about Jewish soldiers in World War I Central Power Armies. Seven books have appeared, notably the first English translation of Bagehinom shel Mata (Hell on Earth), for which he has recently been awarded the TLS-Risa Domb/Porjes Prize.
Language English ● Format EPUB ● Pages 254 ● ISBN 9781644693391 ● File size 5.4 MB ● Translator Peter C. Appelbaum ● Publisher Academic Studies Press ● City MA ● Country US ● Published 2020 ● Downloadable 24 months ● Currency EUR ● ID 7369906 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
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