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Carol A. Strickland 
Star-Spangled Panties 

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Cover of Carol A. Strickland: Star-Spangled Panties (ePUB)

She’s the Amazing Amazon! The celebrated champion of her people!


And she’s the greatest superhero this world has ever seen.

A lifelong fan lays out WW’s legend for those who want to know her better. Brush up on the important people, equipment, and lessons that Princess Diana has shown us through the years. Lively chapters show how she came to be, her powers, her friends… and who the rogues are who make up her enemies list.

Sometimes her biggest adversaries have been the members of her creative staff, who too often had disrespect for their leading lady, were clueless about who she is, or were creatively restricted by corporate marketing decisions.

Nevertheless, she persists.

This volume even attempts to unravel the history of Wonder Woman’s sister, Donna Troy. (Have your aspirin ready.)

Sometimes wacky, sometimes serious – and ALWAYS opinionated- this book reveals how Wonder Woman breaks out of patriarchy’s restrictive mold to demonstrate that everyone can stand strong, kind, empowered, and entirely their truthful selves in today’s world.

All they need is a hero to show them the way: WONDER WOMAN!

(Note: print version has black and white illustrations; digital has color.)

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Language English ● Format EPUB ● Pages 247 ● ISBN 9781941318409 ● File size 12.2 MB ● Publisher Carol A. Strickland ● Published 2021 ● Edition 1 ● Downloadable 24 months ● Currency EUR ● ID 7736705 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
Requires a DRM capable ebook reader

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