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Christian Bizouard 
Geophysical Modelling of the Polar Motion 

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Polar motion is an important geophysical process, and difficult to understand given the various parameters involved. But it is of key importance to our climate and climate change.

Understanding and modeling also has implications on key technologies such as space geodesy and satellite navigation. Additionally, long term polar motion has close links to decadal climate change and ice cap development. It also reflects the global circulation in the hydro-atmospheric layers and the internal properties of the Earth. Therefore the topic is of primary interest for geophysics as well as climatology.

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Table of Content

I Astrometric Estimation

II Polar motion theory

III Geophysical forcing


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Christian Bizouard, Observatoire de Paris, France
Language English ● Format EPUB ● Pages 398 ● ISBN 9783110389135 ● File size 37.2 MB ● Publisher De Gruyter ● City Berlin/Boston ● Published 2020 ● Edition 1 ● Downloadable 24 months ● Currency EUR ● ID 7632956 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
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