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Christina Easley 
Matrix Murders: Mr. Grey & Elle Romance 

Adobe DRM
Cover of Christina Easley: Matrix Murders: Mr. Grey & Elle Romance (ePUB)

The story of romantic relationships, murder, corruption, political connections and scandal unfolds in a science fiction futuristic fantasy world called Ren. The daughter of the mayor has been murdered! There are bloody footprints leading in every direction. Her boyfriend is suspected of the crime. Elle, is a lady detective and a new recruit to law enforcement. The case is being investigated as the corrupt police force jumps to conclusions based on a computer system called the mainframe matrix that determines guilt and innocence based on statistics and surveillance cameras. The mystery unravels and the truth is revealed!
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Language English ● Format EPUB ● ISBN 9781387985494 ● File size 0.5 MB ● Publisher ● City Morrisville ● Country US ● Published 2019 ● Downloadable 24 months ● Currency EUR ● ID 6690270 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
Requires a DRM capable ebook reader

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