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David Limbaugh 
Great Destroyer 
Barack Obama’s War on the Republic

When it comes to our prosperity, our freedom tradition, and our constitutional government, President Barack Obama has been the great destroyerknocking down the free-market economy and principles of limited government that have made America the envy of the world. As New York Times bestselling author David Limbaugh documents in chilling detail in his new book, The Great Destroyer, the Obama administration has waged a relentless, nearly four-year-long war to transform our nation into a country where federal bureaucrats have more power over our lives than we do; where leftist crony capitalism dependent on government subsidies is replacing the real thing; where, in an Orwellian inversion of meaning, a savagely weakened national defense somehow makes us stronger and trillions in deficit spending on counterproductive government ‘;stimulus’ and welfare programs somehow makes us richer.
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Language English ● Format EPUB ● Pages 400 ● ISBN 9781596983175 ● Publisher Regnery Publishing ● Published 2012 ● Downloadable 6 times ● Currency EUR ● ID 2469323 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
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