A. H. O’brien 
The New Conveyancer 
A Compendium of Conveyancing Precedents Adapted to Meet the Present Law; Comprising Forms in Common Use, With Clauses Applicable to Special Cases

In the desire that this collection should be kept within a moderate compass, and the book of a couve nient size, difficulty was experienced in deciding what forms should be inserted and what omitted. Many forms, not in common use, but usually contained in similar collections, have been omitted in order to make room for others more often required, but not commonly found in books of precedents. Space was also desired for additional forms of the same instrument, and for special clauses for special cases.
Sprache Englisch ● Format PDF ● ISBN 9780259679998 ● Verlag Forgotten Books ● Erscheinungsjahr 2017 ● herunterladbar 24 Monate ● Währung EUR ● ID 5440170 ● Kopierschutz ohne

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