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Foreword vii
Preface ix
Acknowledgments xii
Chapter 1 Your Garage Sale Millionaire Journey Begins Now! 1
Chapter 2 To Buy or Not to Buy: The First Big Question Answered11
Chapter 3 Negotiating Like a Pro 45
Chapter 4 Fakes, Replicas and Restorations: How Not to Get'Taken' 63
Chapter 5 Launching Your Own Treasure Hunt 79
Chapter 6 eBay: Virtually Limitless Potential to Buy and SellCollectibles for Great Money 107
Chapter 7 How to Assign a Value to Your New Treasures 137
Chapter 8 Putting on the World's Greatest Garage Sale161
Conclusion 185
Glossary of Terms 187
About the Authors 241
The get rich guide to garage sale foraging and urban treasurehunting
Garage sales, thrifts stores, and storage unit auctions can begold mines for those who know what they're looking for, and TheGarage Sale Millionaire gives readers everything they need todig deep and win big. Written by two expert collectors with morethan sixty years of combined experience, the book is packed withneed-to-know information and insider tips that would-be treasurehunters can use to track down hard to find lost treasures, hiddengems, and coveted collectible items which, upon resale, can yield afortune.
Giving even the most inexperienced collector the skills andexpertise to buy, value, and sell their way to success, the bookshows how anyone can turn garage sale garbage into cash. Newlyrevised and updated, The Garage Sale Millionaire alsoexplains how to get the most bang for your buck whenreselling--by holding the greatest garage sale ever.
* Presents exclusive insider tips on how to track down hiddentreasures
* Reveals the best ways to resell at profit
* Explains how to use eBay & Craigslist for profit
* Includes an in-depth glossary on collecting for on-the-goadvice
* Explains how to make money at storage unit auctions &thrift stores
Essential reading for anyone interested in collecting, bargainhunting, or just making some money, The Garage SaleMillionaire will change the way you see garage salesforever.
24 Monate
Adobe DRM
John Wiley & Sons

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