Ahmed Bouridane 
Imaging for Forensics and Security 
From Theory to Practice

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Imaging for Forensics and Security: From Theory to Practice provides a detailed analysis of new imaging and pattern recognition techniques for the understanding and deployment of biometrics and forensic techniques as practical solutions to increase security. It contains a collection of the recent advances in the technology ranging from theory, design, and implementation to performance evaluation of biometric and forensic systems. This book also contains new methods such as the multiscale approach, directional filter bank, and wavelet maxima for the development of practical solutions to biometric problems.

The book introduces a new forensic system based on shoeprint imagery with advanced techniques for use in forensics applications. It also presents the concept of protecting the originality of biometric images stored in databases against intentional and unintentional attacks and fraud detection data in order to further increase the security.



and Preliminaries on Biometrics and Forensics Systems.- Data Representation and Analysis.- Improving Face Recognition Using Directional Faces.- Recent Advances in Iris Recognition: A Multiscale Approach.- Spread Transform Watermarking Using Complex Wavelets.- Protection of Fingerprint Data Using Watermarking.- Shoemark Recognition for Forensic Science: An Emerging Technology.- Techniques for Automatic Shoeprint Classification.- Automatic Shoeprint Image Retrieval Using Local Features.
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