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Introduction: Setting the Stage.

Step 1: Understanding Debt and Credit.

Chapter 1 What is Debt?

Chapter 2 What Is Credit?

Step 2: Identifying Where You Are so You Can Determine How to Get to Where You Want to Go.

Chapter 3 The Cash-FLOW Analysis and Why You Need One.

Chapter 4 Doing Your Own Cash-FLOW Analysis.

Chapter 5 Inside the Numbers: Different Categories Of CFI.

Step 3: Using the Results from Step 2 to Chart Your Course towards Becoming a Debt-FREE Millionaire.

Chapter 6 A Little Deeper Inside the Numbers: Potential Credit Impact of Adequate to Healthy CFI.

Chapter 7 A Little Deeper Inside the Numbers: When Your CFIRequires Mortgage Restructuring.

Chapter 8 A Little Deeper Inside the Numbers: When Your CFIRequires Debt Management.

Chapter 9 A Little Deeper Inside the Numbers: When Your CFIRequires Debt Settlement.

Chapter 10 A Little Deeper Inside the Numbers: When Your CFIRequires Bankruptcy.

Step 4: Identifying and Defining Your Retirement Needs, and Creating a Time Line towards Achieving Them.

Chapter 11 Accumulating Wealth and Retiring Rich.

Chapter 12 It Takes Money to Make Money: Accumulating and Living Off Your Wealth.

Step 5: Letting It All Sink In.

Chapter 13 Changing Is a Comin'.

Chapter 14 So Now What? The Debt-FREE Millionaire Action Plan.

Chapter 15 What about Our Economy?

Conclusion: The Real Identity Theft.

Appendix A: The Cash-FLOW Analysis Work Sheet.

Appendix B: Estimating Your Debt Elimination Time Frame.

Appendix C: Sample Amortization Tables.

Appendix D: Income Adjusted For Inflation.

Appendix E: Future Wealth (Nest Egg) Estimator.

Appendix F: Debt Payment Wealth Impact

Appendix G: Should I Save First?

Appendix H: Putting Your Debt-FREE Millionaire Plan on Cruise Control.



About the Author.

A Free Gift from Me to You.

Praise for The Debt-Free Millionaire

'The Debt-Free Millionaire is a clarion call for ageneration that was brought up on spending tomorrow's money today.As someone who spent time in the financial services industry, I canunequivocally state that Anthony's pragmatic and refreshinglycontrarian approach to the real secrets of cash-flowmanagement--and leveraging the credit system--are abreath of fresh air in a smog-choked world of misinformation andconfusing financial advice.I can think of a million reasons to readit.'
--Michael Di Frisco President, Brand Xcellence

'Read this book. Do what it says. Start living the dream. Ifyou're ready totake charge of your financial future, this is theplace to start.'
--Keith J. Cunningham Keys to the Vault & Business Schoolfor Entrepreneurs

'The Debt-Free Millionaire offers unique insights, littleknown strategies and easy-to-understand practical tools to firstmanage then eliminate debt. It is amust read for both consumers andfinancial professionals to better explain the often complex worldof debt management. More like getting sensible advice from a goodfriend than a technical financial advisor.'
--Roy Balfour President of Ro-Mart Inc.

'Tony has produced a clear and straightforward guide to debt, and how to eliminate it, that is as timely as it is needed. Anyonewho follows the program in this book will be glad they did.'
--Jeffrey K. Meek Former Vice President-Recovery Operations, Wa Mu Card Services

'Great for readers of all ages and in all financial stages. Thisisn't one of those get-rich-quick schemes. This book provides afoundation for a paradigm shift in your thinking process and allowsfor you to see how toachieve the seemingly unachievable. I washooked from the beginning!'
--Jenna Keehnen Executive Director,
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