Ashley E. Maynard & Mary I. Martini 
Learning in Cultural Context 
Family, Peers, and School

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Cover von Ashley E. Maynard & Mary I. Martini: Learning in Cultural Context (PDF)

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This volume focuses on the cultural aspects of learning and cognitive processes, examining the theory, methods, findings, and applications in this area. The chapter authors cover such topics as family context, peer interaction and formal education.



Introduction: Cultural Learning in Context Ashley E. Maynard Section I: Cultural Practices and Ways of Learning in Informal Settings Chapter 1: Sociocultural Contexts of Learning Mary Gauvain Chapter 2: Sustainability of Daily Routines as a Family Outcome Thomas S. Weisner, Catherine Matheson, Jennifer Coots, and Lucinda Bernheimer Chapter 3: An Ethnomodel of Teaching and Learning: Apprenticeship of Zinacantec Maya Women’s Tasks Ashley E. Maynard and Patricia M. Greenfield Section II: Cultural Approaches to Supporting Early Learning in Preschoolers Chapter 4: Ola Ka Inoa (The Name Lives): Culture at Home and Early Education Outcomes of Hawaiian Children Shawn Kana`iaupuni and Iwalani Else Chapter 5: Cultural transmission of social knowledge in preschool: A Costa Rican perspective Helen Davis Chapter 6: Features of Teaching Associated with Significant Gains in Language Test Scores by Hawaiian Preschool Children Mary Martini Chapter 7: Learning Connections: A home-school partnership to enhance emergent literacy and emergent math skills in at-risk preschoolers Barbara De Baryshe and Dana Gorecki Section III: Approaches to Supporting Learning in Middle- and High-School Settings Chapter 8: ‚You Cannot Cheat the Footwork‘: Moral Training in Adolescent Dance Classes Laurie Schick Chapter 9: Enacting the Five Standards of Effective Pedagogy in a Culturally Relevant High School Program Lois Yamauchi, Tasha Wyatt-Beck, and Jacquelin H. Carroll Chapter 10: Aligning Practice to Theory: Attitudes of Students in Re-cultured and Comprehensive High Schools Nina Buchanan
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