Ashley Ormond 
101 Ways to Get Out Of Debt and On the Road to Wealth 

101 Ways to Get Out Of Debt and On the Road to Wealth is theultimate handbook for anybody who wants to get out of debt and stayout of debt.

This book will provide you with an insider’s knowledge ofhow to beat the lenders at their own game. Inside you will find 101practical and proven methods that anybody can use to master theirdebt. Best-selling author Ashley Ormond shows you how to conquerall types of debt, including mortgages, credit cards, car loans, personal loans, investment loans and small business loans.

In this book you will learn how to:
* save a fortune in interest
* get out of debt years earlier
* decide which debts to attack first
* find the best lending deals for your needs
* manage repayment problems.

Ashley Ormond’s common-sense approach will get you debtfree and on the road to wealth in no time — and that meansmore control over your life, less stress, and greater long-termsecurity for you and your family.

Über den Autor

Ashley Ormond was one of Australia’s first PC-equipped’mobile lenders‘, starting out in the early 1980s witha financial calculator, a dual-floppy drive Compaq portable PC anda portable Epson thermal printer in his car. This was before theage of mobile phones, the internet, Windows, Excel, or even harddrives. It was back in the days when:
* lenders actually analysed each borrower’sability to repay
* borrowers actually had to have a job or othersource of income
* borrowers actually had to have proof of a savingsrecord, proof of income, proof of assets
* lenders had to actually think about how each debtwould be repaid, instead of just shovelling money out thedoor
* lenders actually retained the credit risk andretained the ownership of loans, instead of just selling them tounsuspecting bond-holders on the other side of the world.

His banking and finance career included several senior executiveroles at major Australian and international banking and financegroups, including running branch networks, lending operations, product development, pricing and financial control. His formalqualifications include a Bachelor and Masters in Law, a Bachelor ofArts in Economic History and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Financeand Investment. He has also lectured for the Securities Instituteof Australia. Since ‚retiring‘ at 40, he has been adirector of several companies, including listed, private andnot-for-profit companies and a charitable foundation.

Ashley is the principal of Investing 101 Pty Ltd, a specialistinvestment research firm that holds an Australian FinancialServices Licence. He is a sought-after speaker and commentator onfinancial markets and has written two best-selling books onfinance: How to Give Your Kids $1 Million Each! and$1 Million for Life.
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