Bert Klandermans & Conny Roggeband 
Handbook of Social Movements Across Disciplines 

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Researchers and students from divergent academic disciplines share an interest in the study of social movements and collective action. Through a variety of disciplinary approaches and techniques, researchers seek to understand the emergence and development of collective action. In the last few decades, the field of social-movements-studies has proliferated enormously, covering a wide array of movements, issues and places. With this growth, social movement scholars have criticized the traditional vision of collective mobilization as the results of irrational behavior and have instead developed a range of new approaches.The expansion of the field has also led to increased theoretical debates and attempts to synthesize the different perspectives. But these attempts have met with the obstacle of the field being multidisciplinary. Discussion a theory from many areas of research can lead to misunderstandings. With this in mind, this book aims to revisit the disciplinary roots of social movement studies. Each discipline raises its own questions and approaches the subject from a different angle or perspective.The chapters of the proposed handbook are written by internationally renowned scholars representing the various disciplines involved. They will review the approach their discipline has developed and discuss their disciplines‘ contributions and insights to the knowledge of social movements. Furthermore, each chapter addresses the "unanswered questions" and discusses the overlaps with other disciplines and reviews the interdisciplinary advances so far.
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