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Summary: Everything Is Negotiable 
Review and Analysis of Kennedy’s Book

The must-read summary of Gavin Kennedy’s book: ‚Everything Is Negotiable: How To Negotiate and Win‘.This complete summary of the ideas from Gavin Kennedy’s book ‚Everything Is Negotiable‘ shows that if you automatically assume that things are possible until circumstances prove otherwise, you will be amazed at the bargains you can strike – even in unexpected areas. When you assume that anything is unnegotiable, simply because the other party has not yet indicated a willingness to negotiate, you are missing huge opportunities to make better deals for yourself, for the company you work for and for the people you buy things from. Negotiation is the simple process of structuring a business transaction in such a way that everyone involved gains the most. There is always a better deal waiting in the wings.  This summary is packed with funny anecdotes and useful tips. This summary makes you rethink your own negotiating abilities and make better deals. Added-value of this book: • Save time• Understand key concepts • Develop your business knowledge To learn more, read ‚Everything Is Negotiable‘ and your business affairs will flourish.
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