Carl Knappett & Lambros Malafouris 
Material Agency 
Towards a Non-Anthropocentric Approach


Thus far an ‘agent’ in the social sciences has always meant someone whose actions bring about change. In this volume, the editors challenge this position and examine the possibility that agency is not a solely human property. Instead, this collection of archaeologists, anthropologists, sociologists and other social scientists explores the symbiotic relationships between humans and material entities (a key opening a door, a speed bump raising a car) as they engage with one another.



Where Brain, Body and World Collide.- At the Potter’s Wheel : An Argument for Material Agency.- Material Agency, Skills and History: Distributed Cognition and the Archaeology of Memory.- The Actor-Enacted: Cumbrian Sheep in 2001.- Non-Human Agencies: Trees in Place and Time.- Intelligent Artefacts at Home in the 21st Century.- In Context: Meaning, Materiality and Agency in the Process of Archaeological Recording.- The Neglected Networks of Material Agency: Artefacts, Pictures and Texts.- Some Stimulating Solutions.- On Mediation and Material Agency in the Peircean Semeiotic.- When ANT meets SPIDER: Social theory for arthropods.- Agency, Networks, Past and Future.
Sprache Englisch ● Format PDF ● Seiten 256 ● ISBN 9780387747118 ● Dateigröße 4.2 MB ● Alter 02-99 Jahre ● Herausgeber Carl Knappett & Lambros Malafouris ● Verlag Springer US ● Ort NY ● Land US ● Erscheinungsjahr 2008 ● herunterladbar 24 Monate ● Währung EUR ● ID 2145915 ● Kopierschutz Adobe DRM
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