Catarina Frois 
Peripheral Vision 
Politics, Technology, and Surveillance

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In Portugal between 2005 and 2010, “modernization through technology” was the major political motto used to develop and improve the country’s peripheral and backward condition. This study reflects on one of the resulting, specific aspects of this trend—the implementation of public video surveillance. The in-depth ethnography provides evidence of how the political construction of security and surveillance as a strategic program actually conceals intricate institutional relationships between political decision-makers and common citizens. Essentially, the detailed account of the major actors, as well as their roles and motivations, serves to explain phenomena such as the confusion between objective data and subjective perceptions or the lack of communication between parties, which as this study argues, underlies the idiosyncrasies and fragilities of Portugal’s still relatively young democratic system.



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Introduction: Politics, technology and surveillance

  • Peripheral Vision

  • ‘Surveillance studies’

  • Anthropology, politics and policies

  • Notes on methodology and ethics

Chapter 1. From dictatorship to democracy

  • Backwardness as a syndrome

  • Political modernization: Salazar’s Estado Novo and the carnation revolution

  • The country’s modernization: entry into the EEC and structural reforms

  • Fighting backwardness through technology: the Socrates Era

Chapter 2. Eye in the sky

  • The eye behind the eye

  • Video surveillance in Portugal: Law No. 1/2005

  • The National Video Surveillance Program

  • Video surveillance in the zona da Ribeira do Porto

  • Video surveillance in Baixa Pombalina

  • The protection of thousands

  • First evaluation of CCTV in public areas

Chapter 3. Policy-making: successes, failures, contradictions

  • Data Protection Authority

  • Police force

  • Political forces and party strategies

  • ‚Forgotten’ diagnosis

Chapter 4. Public Matters, Private Issues

  • Public and private: a matter of opinion

  • Video surveillance: security and its nuances

  • Privacy: a right for everyone?

Chapter 5. The Quest for Security

  • Barometers of (In)security

  • Where danger comes from

  • Fear, politics, economy

Conclusion: Modernization and Backwardness


Über den Autor

Catarina Frois is Invited Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Lisbon University Institute and Senior Researcher at the Centre for Research in Anthropology, Portugal. Her publications include The Anonymous Society: Identity, Transformation and Anonymity in 12-Step Associations (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009) and Vigilância e Poder (Mundos Sociais, 2011).
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