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Preface Introduction Misconduct Hampers Teaching and Learning Concern for Student Safety The Problem of Criminal Tendencies Dealing with Misconduct Dealing with Serious Misconduct The Global Journey Conclusion Chapter 1 Bringing Peace to Schools: The Experience of the State of São Paulo, Brazil Introduction The Brazilian Educational System from A Constitutional Perspective The Implementation of the Right to Education Under Brazilian Law The Full Protection of Children and Adolescent under the Brazilian Constitution The Child and Adolescent Act and Student Misconduct The State of São Paulo School Protection System School and Community Mediator-Teachers Conclusion Key Points Chapter 2 Student Discipline in China Introduction Introduction to the Legal System Student Misconduct in School and Its Forms Methods of Student Discipline Formal Methods: Sanctions Rendered by Schools Informal Methods: Discipline by Teachers Due Process Special Considerations in Student Discipline Education and Discipline Revocation of Sanction School, Family, and Community Discussion and Future Directions Conclusion Key Points Chapter 3 The Law Regulating Student Discipline in Malaysia Introduction The Court Structure in Malaysia The State of Student Misconduct in Malaysian Schools The Most Frequent Forms of Student Misconduct The Application of Due Process to Disciplinary Methods Methods of Dealing with Student Discipline Enforcement of Corporal Punishment Procedural Guidelines Concerning Corporal Punishment Suspensions and Expulsions Procedural Requirements Concerning Suspensions and Expulsions Student Dress Codes Procedural Requirements Concerning Student Dress Codes Emerging Issues Conclusion Key Points Chapter 4 Legal Aspects and Practical Application of Disciplinary Actions in the Turkish Public Educational System Introduction National Background Information Location Brief History of Major Events Population An Overview of Turkey?s Legal System An Overview of Regulations Regarding Education Regulations Regarding Discipline in Education The State of Student Misconduct in Turkish Schools The Most Frequent Forms of Student Misconduct Dealing with Misconduct in Schools Due Process and Discipline Emerging issues Conclusion Key Points Chapter 5 Student Discipline from Authoritarian Apartheid to Constitutionalism: South Africa as A Society in Transition.Introduction Legal Framework of Education in South Africa The Bill of Rights and Student Discipline Limitation of Fundamental Human Rights The South African Schools Act and Student Discipline Common Law Principles and Student Discipline The State of Student Misconduct in Schools Frequency and Forms of Student Misconduct in South African Schools School-based Violence Manifestations of School-based Violence Freedom and Security of Person Assault and Common Crime Violence by Students Against Educators Negative Consequences of School Violence for Students Prohibition of Corporal Punishment: A Cause of Ill-discipline?Teacher Misconduct: A Factor Influencing Student Behavior Methods of Dealing with Student Misconduct School Policy and Regulatory Measures to Improve Safety and Discipline Dealing with Serious Misconduct: Suspension and Expulsion of Students Unwillingness of Education Officials to Expel Ill-disciplined Students Emerging Issues The Right to Privacy and Student Discipline Freedom of Expression and Discipline in Schools Religious Expression Contravening School Dress Codes Freedom of Expression and Unfair Discrimination Based on Culture Freedom of Expression Does Not Equate to a Right to be Ill-disciplined Defamation, Cyber Bullying and Freedom of Expression Conclusion Key Points Chapter 6 Reflections and Recommendations Reflections Recommendations Conclusion
The second volume of companion books on comparative student discipline identifies the best practices in dealing with student misconduct, on six continents, in a legally sound manner. It is essential for educators to examine national as well as international practices addressing student misconduct in schools because learner misbehavior often has a detrimental effect on the quality of teaching and learning in elementary and secondary schools. The countries covered are Brazil, China, Malaysia, Turkey and South Africa.
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