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CHAPTER 1: Roadmap to the 60D.

CHAPTER 2: Choosing Camera Options and Reviewing Images.

CHAPTER 3: Getting Great Exposures and Focus.

CHAPTER 4: Using Color Options, Ambience Effects, and Creative Filters.

CHAPTER 5: Customizing the 60D.

CHAPTER 6: Shooting in Live View Mode.

CHAPTER 7: Using Movie Mode.

CHAPTER 8: Working with Flash.

CHAPTER 9: Lenses and Accessories.

CHAPTER 10: Event and Action Photography.

CHAPTER 11: Nature and Landscape Photography.

CHAPTER 12: Portrait Photography.

APPENDIX A: The Elements of Exposure.

APPENDIX B: Exploring RAW Capture.

APPENDIX C: How to Use the Gray Card and Color Checker.


With18.0 megapixels, full high definition recordingcapabilities, broad range ISO settings, shutter speed up to 5.3frames per second, and many other advanced features, the Canon EOS60D is a solid intermediate d SLR. The Canon EOS 60D Digital Field Guide will teach you how to get the most out of theseimpressive features.

Chapter 1: Roadmap to the 60D. - Learn the basicsof camera and lens controls, as well as menu navigation andviewfinder displays on your Canon EOS 60D.

Chapter 2: Choosing Camera Options and Reviewing Images.- Learn which format and image quality settings are best foreach situation, and how to modify key settings on the Canon EOS 60Dto get the best quality images.

Chapter 3: Getting Great Exposures and Focus. -Learn all the automatic, manual, and sensitivity settings needed toget the most out of your Canon EOS 60D's imaging capabilitiesin any lighting situation or for any subject near or far.

Chapter 4: Using Color Options, Ambience, Effects, and Creative Filters. - Learn how to improve your photography byuse of color space, white balance, and filters by adjusting thesetting on your Canon EOS 60D.

Chapter 5: Customizing the 60D. - Learn all of thecustomization options for the Canon EOS 60D including exposure, images, auto focus, and menu settings to make your camera work foryou.

Chapter 6: Shooting in Live View Mode. - Learn thepros and cons of live view shooting, as well as the best settingsand tips for working in your Canon EOS 60D's live viewmode.

Chapter 7: Using Movie Mode. - Learn how to recordvideo on the Canon EOS 60D and get tips for video standards, optimal camera settings, and editing.

Chapter 8: Working with Flash. - Learn how to useand modify the Canon EOS 60D's built in flash, and learn toshoot with wireless Speedlites and other flash techniques to bringprofessional quality photography to your fingertips.

Chapter 9: Lenses and Accessories. - Learn all youneed to know for choosing the optimal lenses for the Canon EOS 60D, including lens types, focal-length multipliers, and lensaccessories. Also learn how to work with multiple lens types foroptimal photos in any situation.

Chapter 10: Event and Action Photography. - Learnthe optimal settings and gear needed to shoot great actionphotographs with the Canon EOS 60D including set up options and agear selection guide.

Chapter 11: Nature and Landscape Photography. -Learn how to capture stunning natural images and landscapes usingyour Canon EOS 60D, as well as how to choose the proper gear fornature and landscape photography.

Chapter 12: Portrait Photography. - Learn how tomake natural light and studio quality portraits with the Canon EOS60D including guides on gear selection, lighting, and exposure.

Appendix A: The Elements of Exposure. - Learn orreview the fundamentals of exposure and how they relate to your Canon EOS 60D's settings.

Appendix B: Exploring RAW Capture. - Learn theelements of RAW capture as well as a brief walk-through onconverting RAW images into a final image.

Appendix C: How to Use the Grey Card and Color Checker.- Learn how to produce photos with accurate color andexposure with these free-inside-the-book tools.

A full color, portable trim book with beautiful photography forphotographers on the go, the Canon EOS 60D Digital Field Guide includes a free grey/color checker card to help youachieve accurate white balance and color. With the Canon EOS 60DDigital Field Guide, you will gain a thorough understanding ofthe Canon EOS 60D camera, as well as the basic fundamentals ofcapturing the best possible photos.
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