Chiara Capone 
The Principles of Astronomology 
The ancient planetary science is returning as an answer to existential unease

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This essay, in addition to clarifying the principles on which the planetary science of tomorrow, the so called Astronomo-logy, is based, illustrates the transformation that is taking place in the cosmos and simultaneously in our consciousness growing in expansion, thanks to the so-called ‚planetary Portals‘. At the dawn of great energy changes, humanity is now ready to receive the new teachings of Astronomo-logy, which take the individuals out of the plane of duality, of oppositions, and of internal and external struggle. The Age of Pisces in which we were growing and evolving through suffering is about to end. In the Age of Aquarius, which is now approaching, we can access the unlimited cosmic possibilities and vibrate in the frequency of Universal Love, in Unity, and Tolerance. The last chapter is dedicated to various Exercises of Spiritual First Aid, in order to move our inner planets to their higher octave, bringing us closer to the All, to joy, wellbeing, harmony, and to dance together with the planets our Magnificence of our Divine Being.Since she was a small child, Chiara Capone, daughter of art, has been ‚breathing‘ the air of the science of the stars at home, that today is entering into matrimony with ancient scriptures of wisdom, not officially recognized, but authentic dispensers of the seeds of a forgotten Truth. Since 2001 she is carrying on her father’s work, Federico Capone, founder of the CIDA (Italian Center of Astrology) and the publishing house with the same name, which has now become Chiaraceleste, whose aspiration is to bring ‚Clarity to the Skies‘. She lives in Turin, where she performs the activity of the delegate of CIDA of Piedmont, as well as her profession as an architect.
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