Christopher Tollefsen 
Bioethics with Liberty and Justice 
Themes in the Work of Joseph M. Boyle

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Joseph M. Boyle Jr. has been a major contributor to the development of Catholic bioethics over the past thirty five years. Boyle’s contribution has had an impact on philosophers, theologians, and medical practitioners, and his work has in many ways come to be synonymous with analytically rigorous philosophical bioethics done in the Catholic intellectual tradition. Four main themes stand out as central to Boyle’s contribution: the sanctity of life and bioethics: Boyle has elaborated a view of the ethics of killing at odds with central tenets of the euthanasia mentality, double effect and bioethics: Boyle is among the pre-eminent defenders of a role for double effect in medical decision making and morality, the right to health care: Boyle has moved beyond the rhetoric of social justice to provide a natural law grounding for a political right to health care; and the role of natural law and the natural law tradition in bioethics: Boyle’s arguments have been grounded in a particularly fruitful approach to natural law ethics, the so-called New Natural Law theory. The contributors to BIOETHICS WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE: THEMES IN THE WORK OF JOSEPH M. BOYLE discuss, criticize, and in many cases extend the Boyle’s advances in these areas with rigor and sophistication. It will be of interest to Catholic and philosophical bioethicists alike.


Editor’s Preface: Christopher Tollefsen PART ONE: THE SUBSTANTIAL IDENTITY THESIS Chapter One: Why Abortion is Seriously Wrong: Two Views Donald Marquis Chapter Two: Substantial Identity, Rational Nature, and the Right to Life Patrick Lee PART TWO: MORAL AND LEGAL ISSUES AT THE BEGINNING AND ENDING OF LIFE Chapter Three: Embryo Ethics: Justice and Nascent Human Life Robert P. George Chapter Four: Compassion and the Personalism of American Jurisprudence: Bioethical Entailments R. Mary Hayden Lemmons Chapter Five: The Significance of the Ultimate End for the Feeding of PVS Patients: A Reply to Kevin O’Rourke Peter F. Ryan, S.J. PART THREE: DOUBLE EFFECT AND BIOETHICS Chapter Six: Praeter Intentionem and Bioethics E. Christian Brugger Chapter Seven: The Action-Omission and Double-Effect Distinctions Timothy Chappell PART FOUR: BIOETHICS AND THE NATURAL LAW: CHALLENGES Chapter Eight: Global Bioethics and the Natural Law Ana S. Iltis Chapter Nine: Guided Autonomy and Good Friend Physicians Janet E. Smith PART FIVE: THE RIGHT TO HEALTH CARE Chapter Ten: Social Justice, Charity and Tax Evasion: A Critical Inquiry Mark J. Cherry Chapter Eleven: Natural Law, Property, and Welfare Rights Andrew Lustig Chapter Twelve: Health Care Technology and Justice Germain Grisez PART SIX: BOYLE RESPONDS Chapter Thirteen: An Appreciative Response Joseph M. Boyle
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