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Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Section I The Quest for Freedom. 1 The Entrepreneurial Revolution. The Path to Revolution. The Hierarchy of Freedoms. 2 Enter, Chaos. The Infusionsoft Story. Symptoms of Chaos. Causes of Chaos. 3 Grow or Die. A Mentality of Growth. Why Entrepreneurs Choose Not to Grow. Scenario #1: You Don't Want to Grow Your Business. Scenario #2: You're Relying on Referrals and Repeat Business. Scenario #3: You Believe You'll Just Figure It Out. Scenario #4: You Do Everything Yourself--Manually. Introducing--The Strategies for Conquering Chaos. Section II Mindset Strategies: Achieving Balance. 4 Emotional Capital. Your Emotional Capital Bank Account. Making Deposits in Your Emotional Bank Account. Spot-Check Your Emotional Capital. 5 Disciplined Optimism. The Three Components of Disciplined Optimism. Opportunities to Practice Disciplined Optimism. Practical Ways to Cultivate Disciplined Optimism. Disciplined Optimism and Passion. 6 Entrepreneurial Independence. The Advice You Get. Facing the Challenge of Independence. The Benefits of Independence. Section III Systems Strategies: Controlling Speed. 7 Centralize. The Need to Centralize. Multiple System Chaos. The Struggle of Disjointed Systems. The Value of the Right System. The Process of Centralization. 8 Follow-Up. The Most Neglected Marketing Principle. How Lack of Follow-Up Is Creating Chaos. Why Follow-Up Breaks Down. The Benefits of Follow-Up. The Science Behind Effective Follow-Up. 9 Automate. From Manual to Automated. What You Can and Should Automate. A Story of Automation. Section IV Find Your Freedom. 10 Avoiding the Backslide. The Myth of Long, Hard Work. Harnessing Your Unbridled Passion. The Belief Your Business Will Fail without You. 11 The Liberated Entrepreneur. Climbing the Hierarchy of Freedom. Giving Up the Chaos. Appendix: Small Business Resources. References. About the Authors. Index.
Create the business you want without sacrificing the lifestyleyou deserve The majority of new entrepreneurs (and even those with a littlemore experience) are finding themselves trapped, controlled, andconsumed by their own businesses. They are struggling just to keeptheir businesses running, let alone actually growing theircompanies and experiencing the success they anticipated. Conquer the Chaos speaks to you as a small business ownerby making sense of the overwhelming demands on your business andproviding a twenty-first century recipe for success with sanity.With engaging stories, quotes, and examples, Conquer the Chaos leads you through the six strategies you can incorporateto bring order to your business today. Find the money, time, andfreedom in entrepreneurship that inspired you in the firstplace * Successfully juggle customers, prospects, management ofemployees, marketing, sales, accounting, and more * Get from just surviving to growing your company andexperiencing success Conquer the Chaos gives you the no-nonsense, ready-to-goguide that gets your business exactly where you want it to be.
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