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Introduction: Is this the Change You Can Believe In?

Part I Welcome to the War on Wealth.

Chapter 1 The Weapons of Mass Destruction in the War on Wealth.

Chapter 2 Accidental Philanthropy--Adding Insult to Injury.

Part II The Road to Wealth is Paved with Charitable Intentions.

Chapter 3 How to Fight Back Against War on Wealth.

Chapter 4 Unleashing the Power of Charitable Leverage.

Chapter 5 The First Component to Charitable Leverage--The Charitable Remainder Trust.

Chapter 6 The Second Component to Charitable Leverage --The Cash Value Life Insurance Contract.

Chapter 7 Blowing Up the Paradigms.

Chapter 8 Your Battle Plan for Fighting Back Against the War on Wealth.

Chapter 9 Why It Works.

Part III War Stories from the Battlefield.

Chapter 10 How to Use Charitable Leverage to Build a Personal Supplemental Retirement Plan.

Chapter 11 Charitably Leveraged Supplemental Retirement Plan forthe Bold and Beautiful.

Chapter 12 Charitably Leveraged Supplemental Retirement Plan forthe Young and Restless.

Chapter 13 Charitably Leveraged Supplemental Retirement Plan forthe Old and Cranky.

Chapter 14 How to Use Charitable Leverage to Fund the Grandparents' Legacy.

Chapter 15 A Grandparents' Legacy War Story and Comparison.

Chapter 16 How Businesses Can Use Charitable Leverage to Attractand Retain Key Employees.

Chapter 17 Can Charitable Leverage Save Your IRA?


About the Author.

A practical guide to avoiding accidental philanthropy andcontrolling your tax destiny

Written by Daniel Nigito-a financial services expert whoseprograms have saved families millions in tax dollars and createdmillions more for charities across the United States-this timelyguide will show you how to use the simple, yet powerful strategyknown as 'charitable leverage' to regain control of your financiallife.

This proven approach, which allows you to become a partner withcharity while gaining control over your tax destiny andproviding for you and your family, taps into the unique taxcharacteristics of two financial instruments-the Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) and Cash Value Life Insurance (CVLI)-in orderto achieve some amazing goals.
* Offers insights on increasing your current income while payingless tax on it
* Discusses how to develop real asset protection without movingyour money offshore or using complicated and often questionable taxschemes
* Details how you can build a personal tax-deductible retirementaccount that does not interfere with other retirement plans

The best way to avoid becoming an accidental philanthropist isby understanding how to make taxes work for you. The Power of Leveraging the Charitable Remainder Trust will showyou how to do this and, in the process, add meaning to yourmoney.
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