Daniel Wentland 
Energizing Your Organization 
The Ultimate School Work Environment

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Many school decision-makers and educational practitioners talk about developing an ultimate school work environment, but few actually move beyond the talk. It is very common for individuals in positions of power to make statements about how great it is to work in the school while the rest of the employees know the “real” work situation. The information in this book helps administrators to move beyond words and discover what it takes to turn words into reality and actually transform a school into an ultimate school work environment.





Part I: The Elements of an Ultimate School Work Environment

Chapter 1: Fundamental Concepts

Chapter 2: The Culture

Chapter 3: Leadership

Chapter 4: Effective Management

Chapter 5: Completing the Leadership and Management Picture

Part II: Measuring an Ultimate School Work Environment

Chapter 6: What’s an Ultimate School Work Environment Look Like?

Chapter 7: Does Your School Measure Up?

Chapter 8: Decision Time

Conclusion: Final Comment

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Daniel Wentland is the author of Reality & Education: A New Direction for Educational Policy, Knowing the Truth About Education, Organizational Performance in a Nutshell, and Strategic Training: Putting Employees First. His articles have been published in the Ivey Business Journal, Compensation and Benefits Review, and Education- the oldest education journal in the United States.
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