David W. Chambers 
Building the Moral Community 
Radical Naturalism and Emergence

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Building the Moral Community: Radical Naturalism and Emergence demonstrates how very simple models of moral engagements based on natural, incomplete, value-laden frames of the world can lead to general moral progress for the human community. All moral behavior affects more than one person, which means that the moral community is more than the sum of the individuals included in it.

David W. Chambers argues that there is no ethically detached and superior position from which to operate, and that such claims are focused on ethics, not on acting morally. Therefore, he cautions against mistaking theories of ethics composed on statements about what is good and right for actual moral behavior that moves broadly and inevitably toward a better world.

This book explores naturalistic ethics, offering a modified classical analytic philosophy exploration of morality that is consistent with emerging thinking in psychology, neurobiology, game theory, and self-adjusting systems.



Chapter 1: Morality and Ethics

Chapter 2: Moral Engagements

Chapter 3: Simple Moral Choice

Chapter 4: Complex Moral Choice

Chapter 5: Simple Moral Engagement

Chapter 6: Complex Moral Engagement

Chapter 7: Framing

Chapter 8: Common Sense Patterns

Chapter 9: Reframing and Bargaining

Chapter 10: Moral Community

Chapter 11: Failure to Engage

Chapter 12: Moral Progress

Appendix: Inventory of Engagement

Über den Autor

David W. Chambers is professor of dental education at the University of the Pacific. He has been a visiting scholar in philosophy at Cambridge University, University of California, Berkeley, and the London School of Economics exploring moral issues.
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