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Editor’s Preface Sam Mickey Introduction Valerie Padilla Carroll Part I: Ecocritical Readings 1. Ecofeminist, Post-colonial, and Anti-capitalist Possibilities in Nalo Hopkinson’s Brown Girl in the Ring Anna Bedford2. “I Learnt All the Words and Broke Them Up / To Make a Single Word: Homeland”: An Eco-Postcolonial Perspective of Resistance in Palestinian Women’s Literature Benay Blend 3. Pylons, Playgrounds, and Power Stations: Ecofeminism and Landscape in Women’s Short Fiction from Wales Michelle Deininger 4. Angela Carter’s Postmodern Wolf Tales Karen Ya-Chu Yang Part II: Emerging Ecofeminisms 5. “If only I had petals, my situation would be different”: The Curious Case of Nature Reserves and Shelters for Battered Women Edna Gorney 6. Leaning into the Light: Towards an Ecofeminist Model of Family Therapy Gail Grossman Freyne 7. Technofeminism and Ecofeminism: An Analysis of Geoengineering Research Tina Sikka Part III: Religion and Spirituality 8. Weaving Ecofeminisms: Sharing the Reflections of Latin American Women Ann Hidalgo 9. Women, Water, and Ecofeminism: A Method to Respond to the Commodification of Water Rachel Hart Winter 10. Hope Over Powerlessness: Mc Fague’s Meditation on the World as God’s Body Rebecca Meier-Rao Part IV: Mapping Spaces: Geography and International Perspectives 11. Dilemmas and Possibilities of Online Activism in a Gendered Space Jessica Mc Lean 12. Mapping and Misrecognition: Ecofeminist Insights into Chicana Feminist Aesthetics Christina Holmes 13. Ecofeminist Potentials for International Environmental Law Kate Wilkinson Cross
Herausgegeben von Douglas A. Vakoch & Sam Mickey
There are countless ways of thinking, feeling, and acting like an ecofeminist. Ecofeminism includes a plurality of perspectives, thriving in dialogue between diverse theories and practices involving ecological and feminist matters of concern. Deepening the dialogue, the contributors in this anthology explore critical and complementary interactions between ecofeminism and other areas of inquiry, including ecocriticism, postcolonialism, geography, environmental law, religion, geoengineering, systems thinking, family therapy, and more. This volume aims to further the cultural and literary theories of ecofeminism by situating them in conversation with other interpretations and analyses of intersections between environment, gender, and culture. This anthology is a unique combination of contemporary, interdisciplinary, and global perspectives in dialogue with ecofeminism, supporting academic and activist efforts to resist oppression and domination and cultivate care and justice.
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