Frances Rahaim Ph.D 
Debt or Alive 

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Cover von Frances Rahaim Ph.D: Debt or Alive (ePUB)

Countless books on the topics of finance and debt fail to incorporate the personal experiences of people who have been through the debt grinder. How can you relate to information that has no real life application? Inspired by her own journey, author Frances Rahaim shares stories of people who have struggled with unsustainable debt, yet with determination, a positive attitude, and a little help, found their way back to debt freedom. Debt or Alive provides many valuable tips and methods for smart debt and financial management, including: The truth behind Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation, and Bankruptcy How to build a better retirement An easy way to budget Good debt vs. bad debt Dealing with student loans Effective ways to save money And much more! You can experience the life-changing revelation of becoming debt-free, without sacrificing credit. Build the future of your dreams, starting today!
Format EPUB ● ISBN 9781634138420 ● Verlag Weld Communications ● Erscheinungsjahr 2016 ● herunterladbar 3 mal ● Währung EUR ● ID 5380602 ● Kopierschutz Adobe DRM
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