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1. Courage, Innovation, and Risk-Taking in Professional Journeys - Robert K. Conyne and Frederic P. Bemak
2. The Road to Mattering: Challenging the Status Quo, Promoting Wellness and Fairness - Isaac Prilleltensky
3. Peace to Our Ghosts - Jean Maria Arrigo
4. Taking the Scenic Route: A Professional Journey - Sharon L. Bowman
5. Travels With a Contrarian Person, Psychologist, Activist: Becoming “Radicalized” by Injustice, Violence, and Stasis - Anthony J. Marsella
6. Journey to the West - Jean Lau Chin
7. Journey to Advance Equity: A Never-Ending Road - Cheryl Holcomb-Mc Coy
8. Prepared Serendipity Mixed With Naïve but Eager Curiosity - Arthur M. Horne
9. My Journey as a Chinese Immigrant Counseling Psychologist - Y. Barry Chung
10. Public Policy’s Highly Personalized Nature - Patrick H. De Leon and Omni Cassidy
11. Buscando Mi Propio Camino: A Journey of Professional Identity and Honesty - Edil Torres-Rivera
12. A Journey From a Single-Wide Trailer to the White House - Dorothy L. Espelage
13. My Professional Journey - Melba J. T. Vasquez
14. Common Themes of Courage, Innovation, and Risk-Taking - Frederic P. Bemak and Robert K. Conyne
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Herausgegeben von Frederic P. Bemak & Robert K. Conyne
Journeys to Professional Excellence highlights the “professional journeys” of notable psychologists, counselors, and academics and describes the lessons we might learn from their stories. With guidance from the editors, Frederic P. Bemak and Robert Conyne, this book presents the developmental experience of successful faculty and practitioners, many of whom are experts in their fields, to help students articulate and define relationships between their personal and professional identities. The biographical content presented will help current students and counseling and psychology educators at all career stages learn about the pathways to success from well-known professionals. Through powerful and revealing narratives, these leading counselors disclose how they chose their career paths, what challenges they have faced, what factors contributed to their successes and failures, how they balance work and their personal lives, and what advice they have for those entering the profession.
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