Gibson Amy 
Sex, Wigs and Whispers 
Love And Life With Hair Loss

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Emmy Nominated Soap Opera Star,  Amy Gibson,  International Wig Designer, Leading Personal Hair Loss Consultant and ‚The Voice of Hair Loss, has been living with hair loss for 25 years, and has dedicated her life to helping women better understand and emotionally cope with hair loss and how to live their their lives normally like any woman with hair. 

In her new book, Sex, Wigs and Whispers ~ Love and Life With Hair Loss, Amy crosses the barriers by opening a no-blink conversation about how to live with hair loss, wigs, dating and sex,  while staying in your power. In a bold clear voice, she addresses sensitive areas that many women have either been too afraid to talk about or have had no one to ask:

“When is the right time to tell my partner about my hair loss?” “How do I date with my wig on without my partner finding out?” “How do I physically handle my wig so it doesn’t come off during sex?”

Her story becomes even deeper however, as she reveals personal issues which include abuse during her fragile childhood; as well as the many challenges of facing dramatic hair loss while starring as lead actress onseveral Daytime Soap Operas and still being nominated for an Emmy. With poignancy and clarity, Amy takes you on her very personal Survival Story to show you that you too, can rise and overcome… You too, can go on to live a happy, healthy and spiritually rich and fulfilling life. With or without hair.

‚If you feel that your sense of dignity is being hijacked by hair loss, take heart! Amy’s Gibson’s                Sex, Wigs and Whispers speaks from direct experience in a voice so authentic that it restores                      self-confidence and personal radiance from the inside out.‘  – Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning. 

“Sex, Wigs & Whispers is an exceptional gift for all women – those without hair and even those with hair. By sharing her own courageous journey and the lessons learned along the way, Amy Gibson will inspire you to connect fully with your own personal power and thrive, come what may!” – Rev. Dr. Julie Moret, author of What’s Your What? How to ignite your unique brand of inspiration on demand 

“If you have suffered hair loss of any kind, Amy Gibson is your go-to girl to restore your sense of self. Join Amy’s community, read Amy’s book and you’ll be empowered emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and sexually too! Amy walks the walk… and she does it with Style!” – Brenda Cooper, Emmy Award-winning Stylist and Color expert, costume designer for “The Nanny”.

“Amy’s book teaches you how to be your true self, be comfortable with the real you and how to stay on your own personal vision, no matter what anyone else says!” – Dr. Nita Vallens, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist; Host, Inner Vision – KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles




Preface. xi
Introduction. xvii
The History of Hair. xxv
Part 1: My Story 1
Growing Up. 3
General Hell. 35
Betrayal. 45
Part 2: Emotional Realities. 67
Pitfalls. 69
Understanding Men. 75
They Only Get Smart When We Get Stupid. 83
Date Rape. 93
Part 3: Sharing Your Secret. 99
Sharing Your Secret… Is Like Sharing Your Heart. 101
Honoring Yourself. 111
Reality Check. 117
Part 4: Finally Ready. 121
Finally Ready. 127
Smile – It’s A Girl’s Best Friend. 129
On the Job. 137
Oooh! Broaching The Subject. 153
When Considering Intimacy. 161
Part 5: The Nitty Gritty. 161
Living a Full Life with Wigs. 175
The Art of Hugging. 175
Hair Petting. 179
Hair Pulling. 183
The Big Screen. 187
Preparing For The ‚Unexpected‘. 193
The Jacuzzi – Expect the Unexpected. 197
Blowing Away. 203
Dive In. 209
A Wild Ride. 213
Working Out. 217
Careful Not To Sizzle!. 227
Part 6: Nookie Time. 231
Your Bed or Mine. 233
Hello, Fellatio!. 241
On the Tip of His Tongue. 245
Shower Me With Your Love. 249
Beach Love. 255
Assume The Position. 257
Pedi Time. 261
Ruff Ruff. 263
Shake Your Booty. 267
Part 7: Styling. 271
Maintenance – How to Wash Your Wig. 273
Styling Section. 281
Base Wig Caps. 282
Inversion. 283
Properly Brushing Your Wig. 284
Baby Hair. 286
Sideburn Baby Hair. 287
Nape Hair. 287
Dealing with Frizz. 288
Stretching The Wig. 294
Thinning The Wig Without Shears. 295
How To Extend Her Shelf Life. 298
Tape Tabs. 299
Two-Sided Wig Tape. 300
The Do’s and Don’ts for Women of Color. 302
The World Of Wigs. 306
Part 8: Life’s Surprises. 309
Finding Bill. 311
Bye Bye Brows. 319
Forgiveness. 327
Epilogue. 337
Wig Insurance Reimbursement. 341
Glossary. 343

Über den Autor

Known as The Voice of Hair Loss™, Ms. Gibson is the leading Personal Hair Loss
Consultant in the country and one of the most innovative wig designers for women
suffering from this condition. As the founder of and Salons, she has
created a company for women to turn to for elegant stylish solutions and guidance. She
addresses the concerns of women and children globally who are living with the effects of
hair loss as well as those who are seeking to regain their appearance, self esteem and
radiant healthfulness.
Referred to in the Los Angeles Daily News as ‚a woman on a crusade‘, Ms. Gibson’s
innovative and resilient spirit that led her to find solutions in her own life resulted in her
creating an International wig line and the First Women’s Swim Wig which allows water to flow right through it without releasing from the scalp. And once again offering women a sense of real freedom. This innovative design was specifically designed to look, feel and move just like human hair, Her feather weight designs like The Water Wig are made for the active woman and for those going through cancer treatment.

. Aside from her passion to assist women and children going through hair loss from a variety of medical conditions, her diverse celebrity clients who desire one of her exquisite looks to transform them in seconds range from dignitaries such as the Crown Prince and Princess of Saudi Arabia, to the many celebrities who have graced the red carpet in Amy’s beautiful wig designs.

Ms. Gibson’s newest design: The ResQ Bag® is The First Carryall for Wigs and Extensions. This unique patented design w/ 13 accessories specifically fills a special need
for women who want to keep their discretion. No other product of this nature exists in
the hair replacement, extensions, fashion wigs or accessory market.

Ms. Gibson has spoken openly in the press and before the State Legislature of California in
her efforts to bring attention to the issues surrounding hair loss for the millions of women and
present viable solutions.

Ms. Gibson is one of the most sought-after female hair loss consultants in the U.S., and is regularly asked to share her story in the national media. Her many media appearances on television shows include FOX NIGHTLY NEWS, NBC NIGHTLY NEWS, CNN, ABC NEWS, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, THE TODAY SHOW, THE BALANCING ACT, GOOD DAY LA,
THE INSIDER, THE TYRA BANKS SHOW, and quoted in publications including PEOPLE
MAGAZINE, and WOMAN’S DAY. She is an accomplished public speaker.
She continues on her mission to touch the heart and soul of every woman and child living with hair loss.
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