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List of Abbreviations. Foreword to the English Edition (Gregorio Piaia) Preface to the Italian Edition (Giovanni Santinello) Part I: The General Histories of Philosophy in France and in Italy, 1650-1750 (Gregorio Piaia) Chapter I: The Histories of Philosophy in France in the Age of Descartes Introduction Bibliographical Note Jean de Launoy (1603-1678) Jean-Baptiste Du Hamel (1624-1706) René Rapin (1621-1687) Pierre de Villemandy (1636/1637-1703) Louis Thomassin (1619-1695) Gilles Ménage (1613-1692) Pierre Coste (1668-1747) Edmond Pourchot (1651-1734) Chapter II: Philosophical Historiography in France from Bayle to Deslandes Introduction Bibliographical Note Pierre Bayle (1647-1706) Pierre-Daniel Huet (1630-1721) François Fénelon (1651-1715) Dupont-Bertris Jean Lévesque de Burigny (1692-1785) Gilbert-Charles Le Gendre de Saint-Aubin (1688-1746) Chapter III: A 'Critical' History of Philosophy and the Early Enlightenment: André-François Boureau-Deslandes Introduction Bibliographical Note André-François Boureau-Deslandes (1689-1757) Chapter IV: The General Histories of Philosophy in Italy in the Late Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Century Introduction Bibliographical Note Antonio Felice Marsili (1651-1710) Leonardo Cozzando (1620-1702) Giuseppe Valletta (1636-1714) Giacinto Gimma (1668-1735) Giambattista Capasso (1683-1735) Edoardo Corsini (1702-1765) Part II: The General Histories of Philosophy in Germany (Francesco Bottin and Mario Longo) Chapter V: The History of Philosophy from Eclecticism to Pietism (Francesco Bottin and Mario Longo) Introduction (M. Longo) Bibliographical Note Christian Thomasius (1655-1728) (M. Longo) Joh. Wilhelm Zierold (1669-1731) (M. Longo) Barthold F eind (1678-1721) (M. Longo) Joh. Christoph Wolf (1683-1739) (M. Longo) Joh. Franz Buddeus (1667-1729) (M. Longo) Jakob Friederich Reimmann (1668-1743) (F. Bottin) Joh. Jakob Syrbius (1674-1738) (F. Bottin) Joh. Georg Walch (1693-1775) (F. Bottin) Chapter VI: The Theory of 'Historia Philosophica' (Mario Longo) Introduction Bibliographical Note Ephraim Gerhard (1682-1718) Christoph August Heumann (1681-1764) Chapter VII: Manuals of History of Philosophy from Heumann to Brucker (Mario Longo) Introduction Bibliographical Note Friedrich Gentzken (1679-1757) Lorenz Reinhard (1700-1752) Joh. Gottlieb Heineccius (1681-1741) Adrian Lamezan (1706-1748) K. Ger. Wilhelm Lodtmann (1720-1755) Chapter VIII: A 'Critical' History of Philosophy and the Early Enlightenment: Johann Jakob Brucker (Mario Longo) Introduction Joh. Jakob Brucker (1696-1770) Index of Names Index of Philosophical Schools and Sects
Herausgegeben von Giovanni Santinello & Gregorio Piaia
This volume is the translation of 'Dall'età cartesiana a Brucker', the second volume of the multi-volume work 'Storia delle storie generali della filosofia'. It guides the reader from the Cartesian rejection of the ?philosophical past? that found voice in the work of Malebranche, to the establishment of a ?critical? history of philosophy by 18th century thinkers A.-F Boureau-Deslandes and J.J. Brucker. The latter pair investigated philosophy from its most ancient origins up to the contemporary age, and oversaw the transformation of the history of philosophy into a genre in its own right, thus spawning dozens of works that made a major contribution to the culture of the Enlightenment. Through careful analysis of more than 36 separate works, the authors show how in the span of a single century the theoretical and methodological techniques used to assess the history of philosophy were refined and developed.
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