Hector Luis Bonilla 
Planet Heaven 
The World of the Man Who Created God

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Cover von Hector Luis Bonilla: Planet Heaven (ePUB)

Welcome to the story of Planet Heaven. Just think about it for a second. What if we humans were the first aliens to visit Earth. What if our ancestors were natives of another planet? Just imagine what planet Earth would be like if we humans had never been here. Think of a humanless Earth: See Paradise! So, what is it with this Bible story about ‘heaven and earth?’ Is the Book of Genesis the sin of religion? Or is it the ancient description of a human voyage from one planet to another? And, who invented God, and why? It seems clear now that we are in the process of killing Paradise, wouldn’t you agree? Is planet Heaven the world of the man who invented God!?

The author belongs to a neo-religion whose creed is to respect and stay a step ahead of nature. This neo-religion is based on the principle that we humans came from the sky. The clan is called Earth Plus Natur, which stands for Earth + Heaven + the galaxy. E+ Natur is not about wishing salvation in the afterlife, but to seek salvation while alive. This mode of salvation means to find a way to live off-planet. Membership to Earth Plus’ fellowship is free. All here at E+ Natur will be honored if you join us.

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