Hector Luis Bonilla 
Skytown: Anunnaki Best Teaching 
How to Create the First Air City

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Cover von Hector Luis Bonilla: Skytown: Anunnaki Best Teaching (ePUB)

The Wright Brothers conquer it, but never knew what it was. Sir Isaac Newton saw it. But he didn’t know what it was. When his apple got loose, the fruit did not fall. It flew just like the first airplane. Relative to Earth, the apple flew down. It is amazing to suddenly realize that everything is in a flying mode. Everything is flying. You, your cup of coffee, your car, smartphone, and your house are flying right now. We do not mean to say that everything is flying because Earth itself is flying through space. That’s not it. We are flying because of the existence of negative flight, or negative levitation. We are talking about gravity. Free fall. Newton said, “to every action, there is a reaction.” So, we’d been living – and dying – by free fall for eons. It is time to update to free rise. Under Bonilla, gravity turns out to be a state of negative flight (down), or a state of negative levitation (down). He has an idea to create positive flight (up) or positive levitation (up). He calls it, Free Rise. Hector is seeking your audience: Where are you right now? Standing? Seating? Regardless, you are feeling weight. That’s because you happen to be in a natural flying mode. Right now. We guarantee it! See, if a hole now appears under you, your flying mode will resume. And, yes, everyone will tell you that you’d be ‘falling.’ Not so. You will be flying. Down. Imagine the implications. All of human history we have been flying, but thinking we have been heavy or falling. Amazing! Now that we know what is going on with gravity, we can tackle the art of free rise from the surface of Earth. We can do research and development on this newly-discovered Bonilla flying mode and maybe we can come up with a way to, instead of always trying to fly toward the center of Earth, but getting arrested by the surface, fly away from it. Not with jets and rockets, but with a free rise system. This is why we are commending this mission to you. Read this explosive revelation from the author of Fix this World! Covid-19 Positive – Time for Microgod to Bring Humanity to its KNEES! Tornadoes do not respect your life. Hurricanes come and go. Earthquakes make us feel how wrong we are by living on the surface. Earth wants us to fear her. What will the next calamity do? Skytown is the only way to get away from Surface. It is getting crazy down here! You know it and we know it. We have to fly up and stay up. Buy Skytown today: learn how we will create the first floating air city!

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