Hector Luis Bonilla 
The Colors of Armageddon 
Anunnaki Earth Agenda

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Cover von Hector Luis Bonilla: The Colors of Armageddon (ePUB)

‘Planet Heaven’ initiated The Chronicles of Moon Earth. The idea is to disclose 35-year-old research leading to the possibility that in the remote past Earth was a moon revolving around planet Nibiru, a member of a different solar system. There was a second moon around this planet, called Heaven. Both ‘Heaven and Earth’ are the main pieces of the story of Genesis. This is a revelation! Main sources of the study were the Sumerian tablets, the Scriptures, and the Babylonian writer Berossus. But there’s more: with Climate Change and other surface perils, Earth is telling us, “I have to move on, you have to move up.” Get it? The clouds are calling us. Floating air cities is the call. So, we are introducing the Green New Engine Free Rise model. A concept that one day might help us live in the sky, improve transportation, and electrical energy production. More yet: We are unmasking the ancient astronaut gold thieves called the Anunnaki. This is the first work that explains how the Anunnaki turned the color of your skin into the hatred that rules on Earth. We bring the real lifespans of the people of the time of Adam to Noah. Those 3-digit age years have got to be wrong! Like Noah living for 950 modern-day Earth years. Don’t you believe it! This book will tell you a new story about Heaven and Earth, starting with the time before the current sun became the star of turn. Prepare for the pages that describe how, by reading between the lines, the author of ‘Planet Heaven: The World of the Man who Created God’ discovered we might be the progeny of a species of human hermaphrodites that inhabited ancient moon Earth. Could they be the species the Anunnaki genetic/surgically mutilated to create Adam and Eve? These ancient surgeons were the alien ‘gods’ that flew in Earth’s air space on incredible machines, perhaps powered by green-type engines. No one has gone that deep into our past. No one! So, yeah, you might want to join us.

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