Ivan Wotherspoon 
The Insolvent Act of 1875 
With the Rules of Practice and Tariffs of Fees in Force in the Differenct Provinces of the Dominion

The first Edition of the Insolvent Act of 1875 is presented in the hope it will merit that cordial reception which I was led to believe a work on the subject would meet with, not only from the Profession, but likewise from the Mercantile Community. Every possible care has been exercised in annotating to give the latest Decisions of the English and Ontario Courts, and, in some cases of importance, full notes Of the Decisions of the Courts Of Quebec have been inserted. Under some Of the divisions — such as Composition and Discharge, Dividends, and Frauds and Fraudulent Preferences — the notes Of Cases are numerous and full, so they will be of advantage not only to the Legal Profession, but also to the non-professional enquirer, who can under stand therefrom the‘ principles by which the Courts are guided in adjudicating upon the various questions which come before them under the Bankrupt Laws.
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