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Rattiner’s Review for the CFP Certification Examination, Fast Track, Study Guide 

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Cover von Jeffrey H. Rattiner: Rattiner's Review for the CFP Certification Examination, Fast Track, Study Guide (PDF)

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A CFP Study Guide that deliverswhat you need to succeed!

This quick study guide for candidates preparing to take the CFPCertification Examination covers the bare-bones essentials neededto pass this challenging exam in a logical and easy-to-absorbmanner. Now, in a Second Edition, it covers some of the mostimportant disciplines of financial planning–insurance, employeebenefit, investment, income tax, retirement, estate, and generalplanning–and provides a no-nonsense approach to studying thatincludes:
* A highly logical and candidate-friendly format
* An in-depth outline of core essentials
* Explanations of all relevant exposures complete with solutionsand practical examples
* Key points, exam tips, multiple-choice, and mini-case studyquestions
* Mnemonic devices and study techniques to reinforce keypoints
* A format that directly parallels the CFP? Board’s topicrequirements

The Second Edition adds new multiple-choice questions thatcorrelate to the testing and understanding of the new curriculumestablished by the Certified Financial Planning Board as well aseighty-nine all-new topics related to the new CFP Board Exam.

For students who have been through the traditional CFP educationalprograms and want a book that brings it all together, Rattiner’s Review for the CFP Certification Examination, Fast Track Study Guide, Second Edition keeps students organized, on track, andfocused on what they need to succeed. In addition to its value as aquick-reference guide to complement all CFP texts and self-studymaterials, the Guide also serves as an important one-stop resourcefor financial services professionals who want information in ahurry.



Chapter 1 General Principles of Financial Planning.

Chapter 2 Insurance Planning and Risk Management.

Chapter 3 Employee Benefits Planning.

Chapter 4 Investment Planning.

Chapter 5 Income Tax Planning.

Chapter 6 Retirement Planning.

Chapter 7 Estate Planning.


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Jeffrey H. Rattiner is a well-known author of eight major financial books, including the bestseller, Getting Started as a Financial Planner, published by Bloomberg. Rattiner is a recognizable name in the financial industry whose Rattiner’s Financial Planning Fast Track®, Inc. is a leading provider of full course CFP® exam training, nationwide. He works with many large financial services organizations, is a columnist for Financial Advisor magazine, has been named to the 2003 CPA All-Stars in Personal Financial Planning by CPA Magazine, and has been quoted in many trade and consumer publications.
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