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1 The Bronx Zoo.

2 The Brooklyn Bridge.

3 Castle Clinton.

4 The Cathedral Church of Saint John The Divine.

5 Central Park.

6 Chinatown.

7 The Cloisters.

8 The Empire State Building.

9 The Flatiron Building.

10 Grand Central Terminal.

11 The Guggenheim Museum.

12 The USS Intrepid.

13 Manhattan From Roosevelt Island.

14 Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges.

15 The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

16 The Museum of Natural History.

17 New York Botanical Garden.

18 The New York Public Library.

19 Rockefeller Center.

20 The Rose Center for Earth and Space.

21 Saint Patrick's Church Cathedral.

22 So Ho.

23 South Street Seaport.

24 The Staten Island Ferry.

25 The Statue of Liberty.

26 Times Square.

27 The United Nations.

28 Wall Street.
Take memorable photos of the most popular attractions in the Big Apple!

Whether using a point-and-shoot or a high-end d SLR, thiscompanion guide provides you with detailed information for takingamazing shots of one of one of the world's most photographedcities. Whether you aim to capture the regal Empire State Building, vibrant Times Square, historic Grand Central Station, massive Central Park, or one of New York City's many other landmarks, thisportable resource goes where you go and walks you through valuabletips and techniques for taking the best shot possible.

You'll discover suggested locations for taking photos, recommended equipment, what camera settings to use, best times ofday to photograph specific attractions, how to handle weatherchallenges, and more. In addition, beautiful images of New York City's most breathtaking attractions and recognizable landmarksserve to both inspire and assist you as you embark on an amazingphotographic adventure!
* Elevates your photography skills to a new level withphotography secrets from professional photographer and Smug Mug COO, Andy Williams
* Presents clear, understandable tips and techniques that spanall skill levels, using all types of digital cameras, fromfull-featured compact cameras to high end DSLRs
* Features New York City's main attractions in alphabetical orderas well as thumb tabs on the pages so you can quickly and easilyaccess the information you are looking for
* Shares detailed information and insight on critical topics, such as ideal locations to photograph from, the best time of day toshoot, camera equipment to have handy, weather conditions, andoptimal camera settings to consider

Whether you're a local familiar with the territory or a visitorseeing the Big Apple for the first time, this handy guide will helpyou capture fantastic photos!
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'Photographing New York City Digital Field Guide' von Jeremy Pollack & Andy Williams ist ein digitales PDF ebook zum direkten download auf PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - nicht aber auf Kindle. Sie benötigen eine DRM-fähige Reader-Ausstattung.

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