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Herausgegeben von John Borking & Simone Fischer-Hubner
st The world of the 21 century is, more than ever, global and impersonal. Criminal and terrorist threats, both physical and on the Internet, increase by the day. The demand for better methods of identification and access control is growing, not only in companies and organisations but also in the world at large. At the same time, such security measures have to be balanced with means for protecting the privacy of users. Identity management is put under pressure, due to the growing number of frauds who want to hide their true identity. This challenges the information security research community to focus on interdisciplinary and holistic approaches while retaining the benefits of previous research efforts. In this context, the IFIP Working Group 11.6 on Identity Management has been founded in August 2006. The intention of the Working Group is to offer a broad forum for the exchange of knowledge and for the tracking and discussion of issues and new developments. In this, we take an interdisciplinary approach. Scientists as well as practitioners, from government and business, who are involved in the field of identity management are welcome to participate. The IDMAN 2007 Conference on Policies and Research in Identity Management was the very first conference organized by this Working Group. We aim to organize conferences bi-annually. The IDMAN 2007 Conference has been centered around the theme of National Identity Management or, in other words, identity management in the public sector.
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