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Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Started with Your Go Pro Camera 5

CHAPTER 1: Getting to Know Go Pro 7

CHAPTER 2: Accessorize Me 33

Part 2: Moviemaking Technique 53

CHAPTER 3: Getting through Go Pro Boot Camp 55

CHAPTER 4: Understanding Effective Camera Techniques 75

CHAPTER 5: Framing the Shot 91

CHAPTER 6: Shooting Fun Stuff with Your Go Pro 111

CHAPTER 7: Mastering the Light 133

CHAPTER 8: Of Sound Movie and Body 155

Part 3: Movies Are Made in Postproduction 169

CHAPTER 9: Equipping Your Edit Station 171

CHAPTER 10: Getting to Know Go Pro Studio Edit 185

CHAPTER 11: Editing with Go Pro Studio Edit 205

CHAPTER 12: Presenting Your Movie 225

Part 4: The Part of Tens 243

CHAPTER 13: Ten Fun Ways to Use Your Go Pro 245

CHAPTER 14: Ten Professional Uses for Go Pro Cameras 257

CHAPTER 15: Ten Pitfalls to Avoid 267

CHAPTER 16: Ten Ways to Improve Your Moviemaking Skills 277

Index. 287
Shoot, edit, and share action-packed video with a Go Pro

The world moves fast--so if you want to capture it in real time, only a fast-moving camera will do. Enter the Go Pro! This small but powerful camera is easy to hold, wear, or mount to capture video of all your high-speed adventures. Unfortunately, to the uninitiated, it can be a bit intimidating--but fear not! With the help of this revised edition of Go Pro Cameras For Dummies, you'll acquire the skills needed to shoot high-quality video or photos, edit raw footage into a final masterpiece, and share your Go Pro works of art with the world.

Compared with traditional digital video devices, the Go Pro is a superhero. Okay, so it can't scale high rises, but it can go virtually anywhere and produce thrilling new perspectives of an epic slalom down the slopes or awesomely scenic hike--and everything in between. When still photos simply won't do the trick, Go Pro Cameras For Dummies shows you step by step how to use your Go Pro camera to make movies, work with available light, create time-lapse sequences, and so much more.
* Meet the full line of Go Pro cameras, including the HERO5, and find the one that's right for you
* Get help setting your Go Pro to shoot better video
* Discover what you need (or don't need) to shoot in the water
* Find step-by-step guidance for capturing better sound
* Edit your work like a Go Pro guru

Packed with full-color photos and updated to cover the latest Go Pro cameras and software, this fun and accessible guide is a gadget lover's dream.
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24 Monate
Adobe DRM
John Wiley & Sons
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'GoPro Cameras For Dummies' von John Carucci ist ein digitales PDF ebook zum direkten download auf PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - nicht aber auf Kindle. Sie benötigen eine DRM-fähige Reader-Ausstattung.

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