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Preface. Part I: The Role of the Internet and e-Commerce in the Supply Chain. 1. Supply Chain Integration over the Internet; Hau L. Lee, Seungjin Whang. 2. Customer Service Models for Bricks, Clicks and in Between; D.J. Thomas. 3. B2B Markets: Procurement and Supplier Risk Management in E-Business; R. Akella, V.F. Araman, J. Kleinknecht. Part II: Supply Chain Coordination Models and Applications. 4. Managing Demand Uncertainty for Short Life Cycle Products Using Advance Booking Discount Programs; C.S. Tang, K. Rajaram, Jihong Ou. 5. Partial Quick Response Policies in a Supply Chain; C.E. Smith, S.M. Gilbert, A.N. Burnetas. 6. Using Revenue Sharing to Achieve Channel Coordination for a Newsboy Type Inventory Model; B.A. Pasternack. 7. Supply Chain Contracting and Coordination with Shelf-Space-Dependent Demand; Yunzeng Wang, Y. Gerchak. 8. SAM: A Decision Support System for Retail Supply Chain Planning for Private-Label Merchandise with Multiple Vendors; S.A. Smith, N. Agrawal, A.A. Tsay. 9. Coordinating the Distribution Chain: New Models for New Challenges; A. Balakrishnan, J. Geunes, M.S. Pangburn. Part III: Models and Applications for Supply Chain Planning and Design. 10. A Mathematical Programming Model for Global Supply Chain Management: Conceptual Approach and Managerial Insights; P. Kouvelis, M.J. Rosenblatt. 11. Manufacturing Planning over Alternative Facilities: Modeling, Analysis and Algorithms; S.D. Wu, H. Golbasi. 12. An Optimization Framework for Evaluating Logistics Costs in a Global Supply Chain: An applicationto the Commercial Aviation Industry; A.Z. Zeng. 13. The Supply Chain in the Forest Industry: Models and Linkages; A. Weintraub, R. Epstein. 14. The Benefits of Information Sharing in a Supply Chain: An Exploratory Simulation Study; T. Boone, R. Ganeshan, A. Stenger.
Herausgegeben von Joseph Geunes & Panos M. Pardalos
This work brings together some of the most up to date research in the application of operations research and mathematical modeling te- niques to problems arising in supply chain management and e-Commerce. While research in the broad area of supply chain management enc- passes a wide range of topics and methodologies, we believe this book provides a good snapshot of current quantitative modeling approaches, issues, and trends within the field. Each chapter is a self-contained study of a timely and relevant research problem in supply chain mana- ment. The individual works place a heavy emphasis on the application of modeling techniques to real world management problems. In many instances, the actual results from applying these techniques in practice are highlighted. In addition, each chapter provides important mana- rial insights that apply to general supply chain management practice. The book is divided into three parts. The first part contains ch- ters that address the new and rapidly growing role of the internet and e-Commerce in supply chain management. Topics include e-Business applications and potentials; customer service issues in the presence of multiple sales channels, varying from purely Internet-based to traditional physical outlets; and risk management issues in e-Business in B2B m- kets.
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