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Chapter 1 Foreword: Student Quest for Multicultural Competence Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 Chapter I. Multiracial / Multiethnic / Multicultural Competency Building Model Chapter 4 Chapter 1. Cultural Trauma: A Critical Backdrop to Building Multicultural Competency Chapter 5 Chapter 2. The Browning of America: Building a New Multiracial, Multiethnic, Multicultural Paradigm Chapter 6 Chapter II. Promising Practices among Graduate Training Programs Chapter 7 Chapter 3. Creighton University: Beyond the Conceptual - Diversity Education for Faculty Chapter 8 Chapter 4. Counseling Psychology at University of Missouri-Columbia: The Development of an Integrative Multicultural Training Model Chapter 9 Chapter 5. Alliant International University, Los Angeles: An Anti-Domination Paradigm Shift in the Training of Community-Clinical Psychologists Chapter 10 Chapter 6. University of California, San Diego Student Counseling Center: Training for Multicultural Competence-A Different Way of Knowing Chapter 11 Chapter 7. University of California, Irvine Student Counseling Center: Lessons Learned Through the Commitment to Multiculturalism Chapter 12 Chapter III. Training and Mentoring New Generations of Scholars Chapter 13 Chapter 8. Training the Next Generation of Ethnic Minority Multicultural Researchers Chapter 14 Chapter 9. Multicultural Mentoring Chapter 15 Chapter 10. Managing Resistance: The Difference Between Success and Failure of Multicultural Competency Initiatives Chapter 16 Chapter 11. Challenging Dialogues: Working Through Resistance Toward Multicultural Understanding Chapter 17 Chapter IV. Forward Movement in hte Psychology Field Chapter 18 Chapter 12. The Evolution of the Multicultural Summit Chapter 19 Conclusion Chapter 20 Afterword: Student Perspective a Growing Edge
Herausgegeben von Joseph L. White & Sheila J. Henderson
Currently, the mental health workforce is neither trained nor staffed in a way that appropriately addresses the essential needs of the growing multicultural population. This must change. The 21st century requires an innovative paradigm in multicultural psychology in order to improve the standard for mental health professionals. Building Multicultural Competency answers this need by providing a new Multiracial/Multiethnic/Multicultural Competency Building Model—a model that, in great detail, provides relevant solutions to this growing problem. This book will supply individuals, students, professionals, educators, and administrators who are involved in the field of psychology with a map on how to build the multicultural competency skills that will allow them to function cross-culturally. The resolutions are personally enriching, helpful to diverse peoples, and influential to other individuals, groups, and institutions.
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