L. Herzog 
Hegel’s Thought in Europe 
Currents, Crosscurrents and Undercurrents

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In a broad interdisciplinary perspective, established experts and leading young scholars bring together important currents of Hegelianism in Europe from the 19th to the 21st century to trace the political, social and intellectual contexts in which Hegel’s philosophy was taken up and inspired very different forms of Hegelianism and Anti-Hegelianism.


Notes on Contributors List of Abbreviations of Works by G.W.F. Hegel Introduction: Hegel’s Thought in Europe; Lisa Herzog PART I: HEGEL’S THOUGHT IN RUSSIA AND ROMANIA The Crisis of the Beautiful Soul and the Hidden History of Russian Hegelianism; Vadim Shkolnikov Granovsky, Herzen, and Chicherin: Hegel and the Battle for Russia’s Soul; Robert Harris Hegel’s Tale in Romania; Edward Kanterian PART II: HEGEL’S THOUGHT IN SCANDINAVIA AND GERMANY Hegelianism in Restoration Prussia, 1841-1848. Freedom, Humanism, and ‚Anti-Humanism‘ in Young Hegelian Thought; Douglas Moggach and Widukind De Ridder Hegelianism in Denmark; George Pattison Hegel, Cassirer, and Heidegger; Michael Inwood Against ‚Metaphysics Running Amok‘: Hegel, Adorno, and the Ineffable; Silvia Jonas The Critique of Non-Metaphysical Readings of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right; David Schweikard PART III: HEGEL’S THOUGHT IN GREAT BRITAIN Hegel and British Idealism; W. J. Mander Rethinking Collingwood’s Hegel; Gary Browning Substantive Philosophy, Infallibilism and the Critique of Metaphysics: Hegel and the Historicity of Philosophical Reason Kenneth; R. Westphal PART IV: HEGEL’S THOUGHT IN ITALY AND FRANCE Hegel in Italy (1922-1931): The Dispute on the Ethical State; Nico De Federicis The Hegelian Legacy in Kojeve and Sartre; Gilles Marmasse The Event of a Reading. Hegel ‚with‘ Derrida; Joseph Cohen Index

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Gary Browning, Oxford Brookes University, UK Joseph Cohen, University College Dublin, Ireland Nico De Federicis, University of Pisa, Italy Widukind De Ridder, Centre for Historical Research and Documentation of War and Contemporary Society, Belgium Robert Harris, Columbia University in New York, USA, and the University of Oxford, UK Michael Inwood, Trinity College, Oxford, UK Silvia Jonas, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Israel Edward Kanterian, University of Canterbury in Kent, UK W. J. Mander, Harris Manchester College, Oxford, UK Gilles Marmasse, Sorbonne, France Douglas Moggach, University of Ottawa, Canada George Pattison, University of Glasgow, UK David P. Schweikard, University of Münster, Germany Vadim Shkolnikov, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA Kenneth Westphal, University of East Anglia, UK
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