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Foreword;H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr. ;Introduction;Lèo Pessini and Christian de Paul de Barchifontaine; Part I. Reflections from the Latin American Context; 1. The Historical Setting of Latin American Bioethics, Diego Grácia Guillén;2. The Discourses of Bioethics in Latin America, José Alberto Mainetti; 3. A Personal History of Bioethics in Latin America: The Current Challenge to the Medical Profession and the Influence of Pharmaceutical Companies, James F. Drane; 4. Bioethics in Latin America and Colombia, Alfonso Lhano Escobar, S.J.; 5. The Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) and Latin America Bioethics, Fernando Lolas Stepke; Part II. Reflections from Pioneering Voices; 6. References to Bioethics in Argentina, José Alberto Mainetti and Marta Lucia Perez; 7. Bioethics in Bolivia: Antecedents and Projections, Javier Luna Orosco Eduardo; 8. An X-Ray of Bioethics in Brazil: Pioneering Voices, Institutional and Educational Programs, and Perspectives, Lèo Pessini and Christian de Paul de Barchifontaine; 9. Bioethics in Chile, Miguel Kottow; 10. Evolution of Bioethics in Costa Rica: A Recent History, Daniel Bustos Montero; 11. Bioethics in Cuba: Responsibility and Solidarity, José Ramón Acosta Sariego; 12. The History of Bioethics in the Dominican Republic, Miguel Angel Suazo; 13. Historical Aspects of the Development of Bioethics in Ecuador, Katya Rodríguez; 14. A Survey of the Development of Mexican Bioethics: Genomic Medicine as One of its Greatest Challenges, Gerardo Jiménez-Sánchez, Cesar Francisco Lara-Álvarez, and Alberto Arellano-Méndez; 15. The History of Bioethics in Panama, Claude Vergès; 16. The History and Development of Bioethics in Paraguay, Marta Ascurra; 17. Bioethics in Peru, Roberto Lhanos Zuloaga; 18. Bioethics in Portugal, Jorge Biscaia and Walter Osswald; 19. Historical Development of Bioethics in Puerto Rico, Leonides Santos y Vargas; 20.The Dynamics of the Bioethical Dialogue in Spain, Francesc Abel, S.J., and Núria Terribas; 21. Bioethics in Venezuela: First Footpaths, Ludwig Schmidt H.; Part III. Special Topics in Bioethics; 22. Bioethics and Religion in Latin America, Márcio Fabri dos Anjos; 23. Bioethics and Women in Latin America: A Biographical and Genealogical Essay, Debora Diniz and Dirce Guilhem; 24. Bioethics and the Environment: A Hermeneutic Approach, José Roque Junges, S.J., and Lucilda Selli; 25. Human Vulnerability, José Eduardo de Siqueira and Marco Segre; 26. Ethics of Research Involving Human Beings: The Brazilian Experience, William Saad Hossne and Corina Bontempo Duca de Freitas; Part IV. The Future of Ibero-American Bioethics; 27. A Prospective Examination for Discovering Challenges from the Hispano-American Historical Context, Hubert Lepargneur; 28. A Critical Reading of Latin American Bioethics, Germán Calderón Legarda; 29. What Kind of Future Awaits Us? Some Challenging Questions for the Future of Bioethics in Ibero-America, Lèo Pessini and Christian de Paul de Barchifontaine; Part V. Postscript; 30. The Many Beginnings of Bioethics: A Comparison of American and Ibero-American Bioethics and the Possibility of a Global Bioethics, Jennifer A. Bulcock; Notes on Contributors Index
Herausgegeben von Léo Pessini & Christian Paul de Barchifontaine
Übersetzung von Jennifer Bulcock & Adail Sobral
This book is the first in a series of planned volumes focused on preserving the character of the development of bioethics in particular cultural contexts. As the first of these volumes, Leo Pessini, Christian de Paul de Barchifontaine, and Fernando Lolas Stepke’s work has succeeded well. It has brought together accounts by sch- ars who were crucial to the emergence of bioethics in the Ibero-American cultural domain. This trail-blazing work in the history of bioethics will be of enduring s- nificance. I am deeply in their debt for having shouldered this far from easy task. Bioethics is the product of very particular socio-historical developments. Most prominent among them have been (1) the secularization of the dominant culture of North America, Western Europe, and now Central and South America as well, (2) a deflation of the status and authority of physicians as moral authorities able to guide their own profession, and (3) the salience of a post-traditional animus that gives c- tral place to persons as isolated atomic sources of moral authority. Bioethics initially took shape in North America as a post-Christian, post-professional, post-traditional social movement. This bioethics sought to establish a moral discourse for the public forum, a moral practice able to give practical guidance in hospitals and other insti- tions, and a body of undergirding and justifying theoretical reflections.
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