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Introduction ix

PART I Winning Business with Relationships.

CHAPTER 1 The Common Denominator of Greatness and Success:It's Not Money, It's People! 3

CHAPTER 2 You Can Be a Connector Even If You're Not a Natural People Person: How Social Intelligence Makes a Major Difference in Business 19

CHAPTER 3 The Connector IQ Assessment: Am I Socially Intelligent? 31

CHAPTER 4 The Red Zone Connectors Formula: The Principles for Building Valuable Relationships 42

PART II How Do They Do It? The 5 Traits of Connectors.

CHAPTER 5 Develop a True 'What's in It for Them' Mentality:Focusing on Others Brings More for You 53

CHAPTER 6 Listen! Curiously Listen! 65

CHAPTER 7 Important Questions to Ask That Attract Connections 83

CHAPTER 8 Getting the Sale to Close Itself: Using Creative Strategies to Sell Without Selling 96

CHAPTER 9 Create a Memorable Experience: Differentiating Yourself by the Impact You Leave on Others 106

PART III Applying the 5 Connector Traits.

CHAPTER 10 Gain a Stream of Profitable Referrals: The Litmus Test for Relationship Success 125

CHAPTER 11 The Employee Connection: The Critical Factor in Creating Clients for Life 138

CHAPTER 12 I Don't Have Time to Connect! Finding the Timeto Connect with an Already Busy Schedule 147

CHAPTER 13 Find a Mentor: The Influence that Leads, Motivates and Holds You Accountable 154

CHAPTER 14 Women's Organizations: Fulfilling a Unique Needfor Women to Connect 164

PART IV Power Tools for Relationship Building.

CHAPTER 15 How to Get the Most from Outlook, ACT, and Other CRM Software: Strategies for Organizing and Tracking Relationships175

CHAPTER 16 Christmas Cards Don't Work: Meaningful Strategies for Keeping in Touch 182

CHAPTER 17 Using Speaking Skills to Develop Relationships:Simple Strategies to Connect Powerfully When Speaking to Small and Large Groups 191

CHAPTER 18 Connecting through Social Media Technology: Howto Get the Most Out of Facebook, Linked In, and Other Social Networking Sites 200

CHAPTER 19 The Contrarian Networking Strategy: Create Truly Effective Networking Not Focused on Networking 212

CHAPTER 20 Coaching Your Way through to Better Relationships: A Self-Coaching Exercise for Improving Business Relationships 222

CHAPTER 21 Financial Advisor Relationship Strategies: ANiche-Based Look at Connecting with Dramatic Sales Results 235

Notes 248

Index 251
Learn the relationship-building secrets that lead to lifelongclients, repeat customers, and endless referrals

In today's commoditized marketplace, no matter what product orservice you sell, there's probably someone somewhere able to offerit cheaper, faster, and maybe even better. So how do youdifferentiate yourself from your competitors? The Connectorsshows that the only thing that truly sets you apart is the qualityof your relationships with your clients and customers.

Everyone knows that relationships are important in business. Yetmost people would admit that their relationships could bebetter--but don't spend time working on the underlyingskills. This book explains how to develop better, more profitableconnections--as illustrated proven by some of theworld's most successful professionals. Even if you're not a'people person, ' you can dramatically grow yourbusiness or your career through a few simple approaches torelationship-building.

The Connectors presents a five-step methodology that leadto lifelong clients, repeat customers, and endless referrals.Inside, you'll learn how to:
* Stop networking and start truly connecting
* Create an avalanche of referrals and an army of happycustomers
* Become a 'connector, ' even if you've never been a 'peopleperson'
* Find your social IQ--and improve it
* Put relationship-building principles to work daily
* Focus on others and reap the rewards yourself
* Ask the right questions--and sell without selling
* Differentiate yourself through the impact you have onothers

In The Connectors, Maribeth Kuzmeski, founder of Red Zone Marketing, LLC, and consultant to Fortune 500 firms, shows you howto build profitable, long-lasting business relationships.
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