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Contents Introduction 1. Antipholus of Syracuse as Comic Hero in The Comedy of Errors 2. The Satire on Learning in Love’s Labor’s Lost 3. Richard’s Physical Deformities in 3 Henry VI and Richard III 4. The Sardonic Aaron in Titus Andronicus5. Who Tames Whom in The Taming of the Shrew? 6. The Conventions of Romantic Love in The Two Gentlemen of Verona 7. The Portentous Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet 8. Audience Response to Richard in Richard II9. The Fairy World of A Midsummer Night’s Dream 10. Shylock’s Monomaniacal Style in The Merchant of Venice 11. Commodity and the Bastard in King John 12. Falstaff’s Hyperbole in the Henry IV Plays 13. The Banishment of Falstaff in the Henry IV Plays 14. Shakespeare’s Illiterates 15. The Wit Combat of Beatrice and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing 16. The Roman Style of Julius Caesar 17. Jaques as Satiric Observer in As You Like It 18. Feste as Corrupter of Words in Twelfth Night 19. Hamlet as Actor 20. Sex Nausea in Troilus and Cressida 21. Parolles the Braggart in All’s Well That Ends Well 22. Iago’s and Othello’s “Ha’s” 23. Lucio the Calumniator in Measure for Measure 24. Madness in King Lear 25. The Macbeths’s Insomnia 26. Roman Values in Antony and Cleopatra 27. The Cultivation of Excess in Timon of Athens 28. Coriolanus’s Manliness 29. The Saintly Marina in Pericles 30. Imogen: Romance Heroine of Cymbeline 31. Speech Rhythms in The Winter’s Tale 32. Prospero’s “Art” in The Tempest 33. The Tragedy of Cardinal Wolsey in Henry VIII 34. The Pretty Madness of the Jailer’s Daughter in The Two Noble Kinsmen Conclusion
Shakespeare’s Style presents a detailed consideration of aspects of Shakespeare’s writing style in his plays. Each chapter offers a detailed discussion about a single feature of style in a chosen Shakespeare play. Topics examine include: a discussion of a key image or images, both verbal and nonverbal; consideration of the way a character is put together; reflection of the changing audience response to a character; and audience response to an account of the speech rhythms of a single play. This book will be of interest to audiences who see Shakespeare’s plays, readers of the printed page, and students aiding them in concentrating on the significant ways that Shakespeare expresses himself.
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