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A Word About This Book ix

A Note from Robert and Sandy xi

Preface xv

Acknowledgments xix

Introduction xxi

Chapter 1: The Story of Edward and Abigail 1

Chapter 2: The Story of You and Yours 9

Chapter 3: On the Subject of Money 15

Chapter 4: Your Money or Your Life? 27

Chapter 5: On the Subject of Planning 35

Chapter 6: Plotting Your Course 47

Chapter 7: On the Subject of Management 57

Chapter 8: Managing the Unmanageable 63

Chapter 9: On the Subject of People 69

Chapter 10: People Needing People 75

Chapter 11: On the Subject of Associates 83

Chapter 12: The Lawyer's View 87

Chapter 13: On the Subject of Estimating 91

Chapter 14: Billing and Certainty 97

Chapter 15: On the Subject of Clients 103

Chapter 16: Your Client Loves You, He Loves You Not 111

Chapter 17: On the Subject of Growth 117

Chapter 18: Growth 121

Chapter 19: On the Subject of Change 127

Chapter 20: The Gift of Change 137

Chapter 21: On the Subject of Time 143

Chapter 22: What Time Do You Have? 149

Chapter 23: On the Subject of Work 155

Chapter 24: The Reason Behind the Work 159

Chapter 25: On the Subject of Taking Action 163

Chapter 26: Taking Action 169

Afterword 177
The complete guide to the business of running a successful legalpractice

Many attorneys in small and mid-size practices are experts onthe law, but may not have considered their practice as much from abusiness perspective.

Michael Gerber's The E-Myth Attorney fills thisvoid, giving you powerful advice on everything you need to run yourpractice as a successful business, allowing you to achieve yourgoals and grow your practice. Featuring Gerber's signatureeasy-to-understand, easy-to-implement style, The E-Myth Attorney features:
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The E-Myth Attorney is the last guide you'll ever need tomake the difference in building or developing your successful legalpractice.
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John Wiley & Sons

'The E-Myth Attorney' von Michael E. Gerber & Robert Armstrong ist ein digitales EPUB ebook zum direkten download auf PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - nicht aber auf Kindle. Sie benötigen eine DRM-fähige Reader-Ausstattung.

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