Michael E. Gerber & Robert Armstrong 
The E-Myth Attorney 
Why Most Legal Practices Don’t Work and What to Do About It

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The complete guide to the business of running a successful legalpractice

Many attorneys in small and mid-size practices are experts onthe law, but may not have considered their practice as much from abusiness perspective.

Michael Gerber’s The E-Myth Attorney fills thisvoid, giving you powerful advice on everything you need to run yourpractice as a successful business, allowing you to achieve yourgoals and grow your practice. Featuring Gerber’s signatureeasy-to-understand, easy-to-implement style, The E-Myth Attorney features:
* A complete start-up guide you can use to get your practice offthe ground quickly, as well as comprehensive action steps formaximizing the performance of an existing practice
* Industry specific advice from two recognized legal experts thathave developed a highly successful legal practice using Gerber’s principles
* Gerber’s universal appeal as a recognized expert on smallbusinesses who has coached, taught, and trained over 60, 000 smallbusinesses

The E-Myth Attorney is the last guide you’ll ever need tomake the difference in building or developing your successful legalpractice.


A Word About This Book ix

A Note from Robert and Sandy xi

Preface xv

Acknowledgments xix

Introduction xxi

Chapter 1: The Story of Edward and Abigail 1

Chapter 2: The Story of You and Yours 9

Chapter 3: On the Subject of Money 15

Chapter 4: Your Money or Your Life? 27

Chapter 5: On the Subject of Planning 35

Chapter 6: Plotting Your Course 47

Chapter 7: On the Subject of Management 57

Chapter 8: Managing the Unmanageable 63

Chapter 9: On the Subject of People 69

Chapter 10: People Needing People 75

Chapter 11: On the Subject of Associates 83

Chapter 12: The Lawyer’s View 87

Chapter 13: On the Subject of Estimating 91

Chapter 14: Billing and Certainty 97

Chapter 15: On the Subject of Clients 103

Chapter 16: Your Client Loves You, He Loves You Not 111

Chapter 17: On the Subject of Growth 117

Chapter 18: Growth 121

Chapter 19: On the Subject of Change 127

Chapter 20: The Gift of Change 137

Chapter 21: On the Subject of Time 143

Chapter 22: What Time Do You Have? 149

Chapter 23: On the Subject of Work 155

Chapter 24: The Reason Behind the Work 159

Chapter 25: On the Subject of Taking Action 163

Chapter 26: Taking Action 169

Afterword 177

Über den Autor

Michael E. Gerber is a small business guru, bestsellingauthor (over 3 million copies combined sales worldwide), thefounder and Chairman of Michael E. Gerber Companies–a groupof highly unique enterprises dedicated to creating world-classstart-ups and entrepreneurs in every industry and economy–andthe founder of E-Myth Worldwide, a company that transforms the waysmall business owners grow their companies and which has evolvedinto an empire over its history of nearly three decades. MichaelGerber’s passion and genius for understanding entrepreneurs and theworkings of small businesses is the crux of his tremendousworldwide appeal and success

Robert Armstrong, JD, is a legal entrepreneur and apracticing attorney since 1976. Robert is the cofounder of theCalifornia law firm, Armstrong, Fisch & Tutoli, and theAmerican Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys, a nationalorganization providing a total solution for estate planning andelder law firms.

Sanford M. Fisch, JD, is cofounder and CEO of theAmerican Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys. A practicingattorney since 1980, he has combined his keen business sense withan unparalleled understanding of law firm management, marketing, and client relations.
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