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Pensionize Verb. 1. To convert money into income you can'toutlive. 2. To create your own personal pension, a monthly incomethat lasts for the rest of your natural life.

With the subpar performance of the markets, record-high personaldebt levels, and shockingly low savings rates, it's clear that many Canadians expecting to retire in the next decade simply don't havea sufficient nest egg to ensure a worry-free retirement. Makingmatters worse, only about one-third of Canadians currently belongto a formal, or registered, pension plan; and even a large numberof that 'lucky third' will not retire with a guaranteed pensionincome.

If you no longer have the time to wait and hope for yourtraditional investments to pay off, the answer is to 'pensionizeyour nest egg' using the new technique of product allocation setout in this book. Pensionize Your Nest Egg explains how to
* Recognize if you really have a pension or just a tax-shelteredsavings plan.
* Become informed about the new risks you and your nest egg facein retirement and why asset allocation, despite its value in theaccumulation stage of life, is not sufficient to protect you andyour money.
* Measure your retirement sustainability quotient (RSQ) and your Financial Legacy Value (FLV)-then choose a retirement income planon the Retirement Income Frontier.
* Understand how product allocation differs from assetallocation, how to allocate your nest egg across three productsilos, and learn about the new financial products that areavailable to protect against the new risks you face.
* Follow a seven-step process to close your Pension Income Gapand convert your retirement savings into a secure stream oflifetime income.
Whether you do it yourself or work with a financial advisor, Pensionize Your Nest Egg gives you a simple plan tocreate a guaranteed retirement income-for life.
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John Wiley & Sons

'Pensionize Your Nest Egg' von Moshe A. Milevsky & Alexandra C. Macqueen ist ein digitales PDF ebook zum direkten download auf PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - nicht aber auf Kindle. Sie benötigen eine DRM-fähige Reader-Ausstattung.

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