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Herausgegeben von Autumn Spalding
Cartoonist Mark Parisi has got cats dialed in. He knows what makes them tick and what makes them tickle the fancy of every person who has ever owned or been owned by a cat, including himself. Mark uses his zany sense of humor to illuminate the mysteries of the feline species while simultaneously launching us into throes of laughter. He spills their secrets in his hilarious cartoons even though, undoubtedly, cats would prefer he didn't. Cats want to be laughed at about as much as they want to take a flea bath. Cats take themselves seriously and we're serious when we say you are going to be delighted by these cartoons centered around our whiskered friend, the house cat. Mark delves deep into the kitty psyche, from its picky eating habits to its tenuous relationship with man's other friend, the dog. You'll learn everything from what pickup lines a cat uses in bars to what they really think about us (in a handy chart!) or what cat scientists are studying in their little cat laboratories. You want to know more about the real motivations of that furry thing on your couch which you've only been able to guess about until now? Then grab this book and snuggle up with your own kitty and share a few laughs and some purrs together. Perhaps in the process it will learn a thing or two about you. As if it cared. Best known for his syndicated comic panel feature Off the Mark, Mark Parisi has won the National Cartoonist Society's Reuben Award for Best Comic Panel twice and has been delivering giggles to readers of all ages for more than two decades. Mark's cartoons are always funny and never disappoint; leaving little doubt that if you haven't seen his work before now you are about to become his newest fan.
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