Paula Fox 
Collection of Global Children’s LiteratureA* Moonlight Ship 

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Cover von Paula Fox: Collection of Global Children's LiteratureA* Moonlight Ship (ePUB)

Main contents: This novel originates from the record of a shipwreck and is written by an American writer- Paula Fox. The story happens in the 1940s when the slave trade in America prospers. The novel describes these historical phenomena through heartwarming events and strongly calls for care for the human. The novel uses the first-person narration. Jiessie from a white family is kidnapped by slave traders after he flutes in the salve market near his home. And he experiences a sailing towards Africa for buying and transporting negro slaves. In this ship, he has to play the flute for salves, so as to make them dance and builds their bodies for a higher price. During the whole voyage, he finds various evils of the slave trade. At last, the Moonlight Ship is caught in a rainstorm. The ship is destroyed and all people died except Jiessie and a black child. The author aims to make readers learn about historical miseries and cherish peace through exquisite descriptions.
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