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Introduction_Chapter 1: Stakeholder Engagement: Practicing the Ideas of Stakeholder Theory; R. Edward Freeman, Johanna Kujala, Sybille Sachs and Christian Stutz.- Part I: Examining Stakeholder Relations.- Chapter 2: Value Co-Creation in Stakeholder Relationships: A Case Study; Johanna Kujala, Hanna Lehtimäki and Päivi Myllykangas.- Chapter 3: Stakeholder Definition in a Network Context: The Case of Piazza dei Mestieri; Laura Corazza and Maurizio Cisi.- Chapter 4: Value-Creating Stakeholder Relationships in the Context of CSR; Johanna Kujala and Anni Korhonen.- Chapter 5: Responsibilization and MNC–stakeholder engagement: Who engages whom in the pharmaceutical industry?; Frederick Ahen.- Chapter 6: Socially Responsible Investment Engagement; Tobias Gössling and Bas Buiter.- Part II: Communicating with Stakeholders.- Chapter 7: The strategic cognition view of issue salience and the evolution of a political issue: Landis & Gyr, the Hungarian Uprising and East-West trade, 1953-1967; Christian Stutz.- Chapter 8: From “Managing for Stakeholders” to “Managing with Stakeholders”: when Stakeholders can help rescue a company; Silvana Signori.- Chapter 9: Value-Added Statements as a Communication Tool for Stakeholders: The Case of Industrias Peñoles in Mexico; Adrián Zicari and Luis Perera Aldama.- Part III: Learning with and from Stakeholders.- Chapter 10: Supply Chains in the Apparel Industry: Do Transnational Initiatives for Social Sustainability Improve Workers’ Situation?; Claude Meier.- Chapter 11: Business Climate Change Engagement: Stakeholder Collaboration in Multi-Stakeholder Networks; Anna Heikkinen.- Chapter 12: Innovation in Multistakeholder Settings: The Case of a Wicked Issue in Health Care; Edwin Rühli, Sybille Sachs, Thomas Schneider and Ruth Schmitt.- Part IV: Integrative stakeholder engagement.- Chapter 13: Stakeholder Engagement at Extanobe: A Case Study of the New Story of Business; Leire San Jose, Jose Luis Retolaza and R. Edward Freeman.- Chapter 14: When David Beats Goliath: Two Case-Studies in the Brewery Sector; Simone de Colle, Yves Fassin and R. Edward Freeman.- Chapter 15: Integrative Stakeholder Engagement: Stakeholder-Oriented Partnership between The Coca-Cola Company and World Wildlife Fund; E. Richard Brownlee II, Sergiy Dmytriyev and Allison Elias.- Chapter 16: A Case Study on the Implementation of Stakeholder Management in Organizational Practice; Sybille Sachs, Christian Stutz, Vanessa Mc Sorley and Thomas Schneider.- Epilogue_Chapter 17: A Pragmatist Perspective on Management Scholarship and on Stakeholder Engagement in Particular; Sergiy Dmytriyev, R. Edward Freeman, Johanna Kujala and Sybille Sachs.
Herausgegeben von R. Edward Freeman & Johanna Kujala

This book offers a case-study approach to stakeholder theory that moves beyond theoretical analysis to the applied. As stakeholder theory has moved into the mainstream of management thinking in business ethics and a number of the management disciplines, there is an increasing need to explore the subtleties of stakeholder engagement via examples from practice. The case studies in this volume explore a number of aspects of the idea of stakeholder engagement, via the method of clinical case studies. Edited by leading scholars in the field of business ethics and stakeholder theory, this text affords a solid grounding in theory, brought to new levels of applied understanding of stakeholder engagement.

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