Shameka Jones 
Sprung 3 
Turned Out By Love

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With the first season of basketball behind him, Quincy is trying to adjust to being at home so much. Kayla is working on her clothing line, and that leaves him bored. Now that he has Kayla, he is ready to make things official. He wants her to be his wife, and she is ready to start a family of her own. He wants more than anything to give her both, but he wants to do things right. He also wants to verify paternity of Sydnee’s baby before anything.

When Sydnee goes into labor, everyone wants to join them. Against Quincy’s better judgement, he allows his mother and sisters to join him. Bringing them along only causes more tension between the families, and all hell breaks loose. Sydnee isn’t the only one bringing drama to Quincy, Kayla has a few secrets of her own that causes conflict. Inergee is coming back in town, and it could make things better or worse between them. Kayla wants to speak with Inergee herself, and plans the ultimate surprise for Quincy’s birthday.

Part three of this series will bring you the point of view from Quincy and Kayla. While they both yearn the same things from each other, Kayla still have lose ends to tie up, or so she thinks. Her love for Quincy is undeniable, but that don’t mean she won’t do things that could sabotage it. Quincy loves Kayla more than anything, but will he be able to deal with her secrets? In this installment lies will be told, secrets will be revealed, and fun will be had. And with that, a surprise ending that will having you wondering about our favorite couple.
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